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Ciki’s Spotlights: Tokyo Streets

Hey guys! I’ll be starting these short Spotlight posts to feature a look I’ve created. This week I’m showcasing a streetwear look for a rebellious tomboy with the relatively new Tokyo map. She’s a little rough around the edges so watch out!

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UQ: The Dignity of Steel Unleashed

Episode 4 is upon us and after a small delay, we have our first major UQ of EP4: Phantasm Yamato. When I played JP, I’ve actually never done the OG version of Yamato and only done the revised stronger version that was released at the end of EP4 (fan translated as “Quintessence of Steel”). Without further adieu, lets jump right into it.

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Summer is still going and the sun is beating! Ciki and I took a trip to Franca’s Cafe’s new outdoor beach. We brought along our favorite summer outfits that was available in recent AC scratches like Seaside Vacation and Fresh Finds Shop.

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