Which server and ship do you guys play on?

We play on Global servers, on Ship 2!

When did you guys start playing PSO2?

We both started playing in the early JP server days, on and off until Global servers came out. We’ve been playing since PC launch.

Do you guys play other games?

Aki: Other than PSO2, I enjoy playing single player story driven RPG games like all the Final Fantasy titles as well as open world survival games like Valheim and Subnautica. Recently I’ve enjoyed playing Cyberpunk 2077 and looking forwards to playing others like Far Cry 6.

Ciki: I play League of Legends during PSO2 downtimes. I’m quite picky with my games, but I enjoy indie games like Don’t Starve Together and Divinity Original Sin 2. I also like ARPGs like Path of Exile and Diablo 3! I’m looking forward to trying Last Epoch as well.

Will you guys cover other games on the blog?

At this moment, no. We might be playing other MMORPGs in the future and may cover those games if we are enthusiastic about playing them. Some upcoming examples would be Elyon, Lost Ark, and Blue Protocol.

Can I use your images or other media for my own content?

You can use our media as long as we are credited for the content used. Please use the contact page for larger resolution images.

Are you guys open to collaborations?

Please use the contact page for all collaboration inquiries.

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