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We are two amateur bloggers who want to share our love for Phantasy Star Online 2 related content. In this blog, we’ll be writing about the latest fashion, gameplay, events, and just daily musings. We are both avid gamers and will most likely be posting about other video game musings in the future as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Heyo. Aki here. I started playing PSO franchise since I was a teen. I got into PSO2 JP since its launch and mainly played from 2018 to 2019. MMO’s has always been go-to game giving me a sense of progression accomplished over time. Some games I’ve played over the years include Guild Wars, Aion, and Revelation Online.

Hi, I’m Ciki! I’ve been gaming since my childhood years with a consistent interest in MMOs. I value the aesthetics of the games I play and the availability of fashion. Besides making cute characters, I am dedicated to learning and perfecting my skills in the games I play. I’m usually the semi-hardcore gamer!

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