Episode 8 ARKS Hour Finale

Hiyo! The end of ARKS Hour is today. The hosts, Gwizofthestars and JJ Dragon present the last ARKS Hour for PSO2, featuring new content updates, phasion, and featuring multiple special guests. Continue reading if you want a quick rundown of what they talked about, showcased, etc.

Content Updates

Twisted with Hatred
New 4 player version of The Primordial Darkness UQ. High in difficulty with only 2 lives, so bring your best players with top gear. Great drops of weapon camos.

UH Mining Base Op: Ending
Updated difficulty for the classic tower defense UQ. Weapon camos are available as drops here as well! This is the circular map tower defense with Appregina at the end.

UH Earth’s Depths
Another difficulty update for the Appregina boss UQ! Hopefully the drop rates for exclusive augments are much higher in this difficulty.

LQ Episode 6 Breakthrough Training
This limited quest is making a comeback! Any changes made to the LQ wasn’t mentioned, so maybe it’s just for players to grab extra drops from it.

<After the content updates, there was a mini showcase for the Season 16 Mission Pass rewards>

Special Guests

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega E

During this Episode 8 ARKS Hour, they had special guests KronoKatastrophy and Kaoiji appear alongside the hosts. Extensive Q&A with the guests about NGS, random fun tidbits about their lives and their content creation. Extensive tips on starting out and continuing a content creator career. This segment was by far the most useful in terms of advice for content creators, so I recommend hopping over to the vod to listen to Krono and Kaoiji talk about it!

Phantasy Phasion

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega

Small showcase of the new AC Scratch: Sakura Splendor. Seems to be mostly Japanese themed costumes with some cool CAST parts! Screenshot of the hairs and I’m already excited! Also there’s a really fun emote included in the scratch, so watch out for that when it releases. (:

After the AC Scratch showcase, there was a small segment for the new Fresh Finds sets and what they look like as well.

Interview w/ HappyConsoleGamer

This final episode of ARKS Hour was a little longer than usual as it included a pre-recorded interview between CM Nathan and HappyConsoleGamer. It’s a longer segment mostly about HappyConsoleGamer’s Phantasy Star history and passion with the game series. A lot of showcasing his Phantasy Star collection and reminiscing the gaming past. I recommend watching the vod if you are a fan of him!

Closing, ARKS Letters, Goodbyes from the team

As we know it, there will be no more ARKS Hours for PSO2 from here on out. Saccharin appeared at the end of the stream to read letters with Gwiz and JJ and say their goodbye speeches for all us emotional fans.

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega Episode 8 ARKS Hour

It’s heartwarming to hear how much the community has grown, and how much work and dedication from the ARKS Hour team to give us this feature until now. We appreciate them and I’m sure it’s not the last we will be listening to them! Maybe something being planned for NGS?!

Anyways, no they did not forget about the thing everyone is waiting for:

Stream Giveaway

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega Episode 8 ARKS Hour Giveaway

<Also there was no talk about the SAO Collaboration nor about the new Road to New Genesis event that is posted on the website>

That’s it!! And that’s also it for our summaries of ARKS Hours until there are more for NGS in the future. Hope you guys found these posts useful for the days you just don’t want to watch or don’t have the time to. (: Until next time, ARKS!


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