Mop-Up Op: Endless Nightmare Trigger Guide

With the recent release of our newest LQ, Mop-Up Op: Endless Nightmare, we’ve discovered this is the first time the trigger version of a quest is significantly harder than its MPA counterpart. With a time limit of 20 minutes to clear 6 zones, this instance will definitely catch underprepared players off guard. After Ciki and I S-ranked the instance with our friends a few times, we wanted to share our knowledge and give you some tips and tricks on how to clear this instance for 20 Augment Transfer Passes as its title reward.

Please understand that we are not the best PSO2 players out there and the methods in our guide is not the ONLY way to complete this instance on time. We’re simply providing information on what we think worked well for us so that it may aid you and your party to completing your run on time. Remember to have fun doing it!

Party Composition & Gear Requirements

While PSO2 encourages you to play any class you have fun with, you’ll have a much easier time clearing this if everyone in the party discussed beforehand what class they are planning to play and what roles they will fill.

  • Due to the amount of mobbing content persistent throughout the stages, we think it’s imperative you at least have half your party be classes that can mob efficiently (Fo, Bo, Ra, Ph, Et Wand, Lu Zandi, etc).
  • Zondeel, Photon Blast Julius Nifta, and other mob sucking PAs are highly recommended
  • Having a Techer with buffs or Ranger that can apply Blight Rounds would also help, but remember, the support needs to do damage as well
  • Our team composition was Fo/Et, Ph Rod, Lu Baran, Lu Fomel/Zandi as an example of a viable team

In terms of gear, every one of our party members had fully affixed 8s Klauz weapons. Three of us had 8s Klauz Units and one of us had 6s Klauz Units. Since we cleared the instance with over a minute left to spare, it’s most likely probable that it can be cleared if you have fully affixed Rivalate Redux with 5-6s affixed 13* units as well.


The only way to S-rank this instance is to beat all 6 stages within the time limit and complete all the emergency codes. On average, you can only spend around 3 minutes and 20 seconds per zone, so you’ll need to come prepared. This means setting up your weapon palettes/subpalettes, feeding your Mag, and/or using your boosts beforehand instead of inside the instance since every second counts. Failure of any of the emergency codes means you will not be able to get S-rank.

Unlike the MPA LQ, the trigger LQ has a set order to its stages and will never alter. The order will always be Forest, Volcanic Caves, Bar Lodos, Corrupted Lillipa, Ruins, and finally Dark Falz Persona. I will discuss each section in detail down below.

VR Area 1 – Forest

Even though this is the first area of the instance, it is definitely not the easiest. You will travel down a linear line to clear mobs and bosses in 4 zones.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Mop-up Op: Endless Nightmare

A – Clear the large group of mobs to start the ship protection emergency code. 3 Rockbear species will spawn along with a bunch of Grulfs in different directions to the ship. Have one or two people stay behind to protect the ship from the Grulfs and the rest to kill the Rockbear. Make sure to turn the bears away from the ship as its ground pound wave can deal a lot of damage.

B – If someone’s Julius Nifta PB is up, you can use it here to suck up the Rappies. Two groups of mobs will spawn in the North and South, so be prepared to kill them quickly and take the jump pad.

C – A Blizzard Banser and Banshee will spawn here. You need to group them together as much as possible to AOE. The AOEs should break enough parts on them to keep them stunned and preventing them from using their freeze skills. If you can’t keep them together, avoid getting frozen as that will lose a lot of time.

D – Immediately designate someone to head to the back and use the console on the left to release the Diaboigryphis and Kaisfoehgos. Use another Julius Nifta, if available, to group all the mobs together. Due to the aggressive nature of the mobs here, I suggest you AOE outside of them or you’ll just be juggled repeatedly and lose a ton of time.

*You can disregard the two side loops on this map as you’ll only be forced to go down them if you fail either the ship protection or Blizzard Banser Emergency Codes which would also mean no S-rank.
*When possible, Julius Nifta PB should be pre-casted as its wind up animation is quite long. Example here is after the ship defense is done at A, you can run up to the green barrier and pre-cast the PB there.

VR Area 2 – Volcanic Caves (Checkpoint 17:00 remaining)

Instead of moving through the map, you’ll be fighting against 5 waves of enemies in one area.

Wave 1 – A bunch of mobs spawn and the most mobbing intensive section of this stage.

Wave 2 – This is an Emergency Code. Mobs will spawn in a ring. You’ll need to kill all 8 Bareels(floating shield luminmechs) within the time limit so focus on those first.

Wave 3 – A Gwanada spawns in the South and a Catredransa in the North with other trash mobs. split your team 2/2 and decide who’s going where beforehand.

Wave 4 – This is the second Emergency Code. You’ll need to kill both Deubarz within the time limit so focus on those first. Since they aren’t too far, you can group them up if you want and AOE them all down.

Wave 5 – A Evilion Dragon and UH Dragon X will spawn. Again, split up 2/2 and decide who’s fighting which boss beforehand.

*For the two Emergency Codes here, the time limit is quite short, so focus on the objective before moving onto other mobs. If possible, always opt to AOE everything down instead of single target if you’re not sacrificing too much damage.

VR Area 3 – Bar Lodos (Checkpoint 13:45 remaining)

Hooking from the side

This is identical to the Bar Lodos fight from Coast Exploration. Make sure you have one person hook the boss with the laser beam as it’s gliding by the left or right of the platform. Ideally, you should kill it during its stun. If you are unable to kill it, have all ranged DPS continue hitting Bar Lodos’s head when it comes back up. Melee classes can be on the machine guns to take care of the shield and bomb. In our run, we were unable to kill it during the stun but killed it as it was casting the water bomb.

*The cutscene after Bar Lodos dies is quite long. You can move to the exit portal during this scene. You can also try to move to and use any machine gun to exit the cut scene quickly.

VR Area 4 – Corrupted Lillipa (Checkpoint 12:15 remaining)

You’ll have to split your party up for the majority of this stage. You can either do 2/2 or 3/1 (3 east, 1 west). Decide beforehand who’s going to go where so there’s no confusion. In our run, we did 3/1 split (Fo/Et west, rest east).

White arrows: cannon support direction

A – Several waves of mobs spawn here. Make sure to kill the Guardines (small floating bits that spawns in a line of 5) first as they will summon a Tranmizer if left alive for too long.

B – West group will fight a bunch of large Bareels and one large Radilugo. Make sure to keep the Bareel weak points facing East group while focusing on the Radilugo. East group will clear a ton of Sparduns (Nifta PB here) and then use cannons to help clear the mobs in west group (you shouldn’t need to jump on more than 2 cannons). If you split 2/2, this step will take a bit longer.

C – East group will fight mobs to the left and right, and then a Vardersoma. West group will also have to clear some mobs to then support killing Vardersoma with cannons. You can dodge out of the cannon after firing. If you split 3/1, this step will take a bit longer.

D – East group will fight some mobs, break cannons, then fight an Exegul while West will fight large Zorulas (Klauz Potential or Massive Hunter recommended here). There are no support features, but either side can use jump pad to the other side once they are done with their side. Ideal situation is to finish at the same time or West finishing first.

E – Last boss is red Granz. Just break his leg guns and then focus on his groin.

*Make sure to break Exegul’s white back gem ASAP as that will make it weak to fire and susceptible to burn. Burning him with Vast Rafoie will down him and make this fight a lot quicker.

VR Area 5 – Ruins (Checkpoint 8:25 remaining)

Unlike the MPA version of this map, you’ll only need to complete 3 out of the 5 bosses here. Once again, you’ll need to split your party up and we suggest you split 2/2.

  • You and your party should decide beforehand which 3 bosses to fight. Ultimately, you’ll go faster at whichever bosses you are more familiar with/comfortable fighting. In our run, we did Omega Appregina, Omega Hyunal, and Dio Hyunal.
  • 2/2 Split: Each group will fight a separate boss and will join up to fight the last boss before moving to Ringhada togther.
  • Ringhada spawns with a bunch of other mobs. You can use a Julius Nifta here for faster clearing. However, once Ringhada’s rings are down, everyone in the party should focus its weak point.

VR Area 6 – Dark Falz Persona (Checkpoint 5:35 remaining)

This is the last area and the fight is identical to the UH Dark Falz Persona UQ. There’s not much to say here but here’s what we found works well:

  • The first two masks will always be Elder followed by Appregina. It’s imperative to down both forms ASAP, so have your tech user detonate Zondeel (Dire) on Elder and Rafoie (Vast) on Appregina.
  • Like the UQ, focus on weak points then the mask for maximum damage.
  • When he goes into Persona phase at 55% HP, try to down him with Ilgrants or Nagrants during the cutscene.
  • Focus on his chest and if you can continuously break the chest to stun him all the way to the DPS check ball phase, that would be ideal (35% HP).
  • He’ll fall into the ground and rise up with a sword at 15% HP. Just focus on his face during this last phase.

*In many of the videos we’ve seen, groups who barely clear it on time (3-10 seconds remaining) reached the portal to Persona when there is 4:10-4:30 remaining. This is most likely the lowest possible threshold so keep this in mind.


After beating Persona you will have successfully cleared and S-ranked the instance. Now you can claim your super special title “Dream Conqueror” (under Player -> Anniversaries) and a whopping 20 Augment Transfer Passes with it. Keep in mind that all of these time checkpoints we provided are for our runs only and just to give you a general idea. Currently the LQ has no end date but it could be as early as 4/21/21 since that’s when the campaign ends. We highly recommend you finish your Klauz weapon and units before attempting to tackle it if you are having trouble. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.

Left to right: Aki, Ash, Ciki, Himeko, Kireek, Kins

I would like to extend a special thanks to Kineszt and Murata for running this LQ with us. Our discussions and the information they provided really helped us make this guide.


EDIT 4/12/21 – Fixed some grammar and formatting.
EDIT 4/13/21 – Added some additional information provided by Kineszt.

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