PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega Concert Master Weapon Camo

Weapon Camo: Concert Master

Today we will be showcasing a very expensive camo: Concert Master! This weapon camo is a cute, yet clever design with the weapons being instruments. This is not an all-weapon camouflage, so make sure to take a look at what it includes before making the hefty purchase, or committing to an almost endless grind. Let’s take a look at this playful Concert Master together.

The Concert Master weapon camo drops from Divide Quests, but only from the Earth suppression stages. This means both the Tokyo and World Tree suppressions’ respective bosses (Train & Deus) will drop this camo. It is very rare, though, so be ready for the grind! Remember, for best drops, you have to successfully kill the bosses within the time limit.

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega Concert Master Weapon Camo

Take note that there are only eight weapons that this camo works with. All of the weapons will produce a musical sound corresponding to their instrument when attacking, with the exception of the Gunblade(Light saber sounds) and Katana(Slashing sounds). Some of the weapons produce sounds at a lower volume, so listen carefully! The weapons also have sparkles corresponding to the weapon’s color when attacking. You’ll see them in each weapon’s unsheathed picture below.



Double Saber


Soaring Blades




At first look, I didn’t think I would enjoy this weapon camouflage. After doing this post, though, I realized how cool all the designs were. I was pretty shocked when I heard the music and sounds. Maybe people can make music with these weapons. It is a very expensive camo, but it will never go away and can always be farmable. Hopefully in the future we will get the other color scheme(Black&Green) of this camo. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and inspired some to start grinding.


P.S. If anyone is curious about the outfits I use for these weapon camo posts, please let me know and I can start posting them at the end! Remember, we’re on Instagram, Twitter, & Reddit.

5 Comments on “Weapon Camo: Concert Master

    • Sure thing! Just make sure to credit the blog in your description. (: If you want, you can use the contact us page to request the original uncropped image(please specify) for better quality.


  1. Is it possible to get a video of this so we can hear and see the extra effects?


    • Hi there! We don’t have any plans to make a video on this camo at the moment. If you’re on Ship 2, you can send us an email and we can show you in game.


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