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Comprehensive Endgame Units Affix Guide

For the longest time, I’ve held back on writing about augments/affixes and gear because I feel like there are already plenty of resources out there that provide quite a lot of detailed and useful information. Recently with the release of TPD and by extension, Sodam, we can finally make Guardian Soul, the best single affix that exists in the entire game. Many people have asked us to help them come up with affix recipes to create Guardian Soul along with all of the current best affixes that exist in the game. In this guide, Ciki and I will provide detailed information with pictures on how you can also make the final “God” affixed unit you can bring to NGS with you.

Table of Contents
Step 1: Guardian Soul
Step 2: Fodders
Step 3: Combine
Step 4: Transfer
Tips & Tricks

Before I get into the actual steps on how to create this unit from scratch, I’ll need to give a small disclaimer:

  • First, this guide assumes you have a basic understanding of how affixes work and how to read and understand the affix simulator. If you don’t understand the basics, please read up on that first as I will not be explaining any of that here. We may post a basic affixing guide in the future.
  • Second, there are already some other recipes and guides out there on how to make this unit. This is just what we found to be the easiest way given the current available UQ/ExQ/etc. that exist in the game today. In the future there may be even easier ways to make this unit so the “best” recipe could change.
  • Mark capsules are currently not available on Global as of this post. Skip to the end of Step 3 for a method to use your units, but also wait for Mark.
  • If you do not have resources, meseta, or time, WE DO NOT ADVISE YOU TO BASH YOUR HEAD INTO MAKING THESE UNITS. This is a guide for a specific set of augments for people who are PREPARED and READY and probably find it fun to affix

With that out of the way, let’s get started!


When it comes to endgame affixes, most of the main affixes are identical. However, there are a few variations. Below are some variants of the endgame affix on an 8 slot unit when completed:

Grand + Mark – Vet

Grand: This is what I think the de facto best all-around unit should look like if you main a single class or classes that only focus and scale off of one type of attack. I’m using Grand Precision here as an example but obviously it can be Grand Might or Casting. *You can sub Grand for Grace to reduce cost as both will convert into the same effect in NGS.

Mark: Using a Mark will allow you to even out all your offensive stats as long as you don’t use Timed Abilities for OCD/all class optimization. I’m using Mark Courage here as an example but you can freely swap it out for Mark Anger if you don’t need the extra PP or Mark Joy if you want the extra HP. *Mark affixes do not convert well into NGS, so if you want more optimization for NGS instead of for original PSO2, you can skip the Mark and opt for the Grand unit above.

Grand + Mark – Vet: This method omits Veteran’s Resolve V. Veteran’s Resolve is arguably the hardest affix to acquire so this is the way to go if you’re okay with losing a bit of defense and HP. It’s a small change in the grand scheme of things.


Constructing this affix will be broken down into 4 key steps:

  1. Making 4 slot Guardian Soul + Photoner Glare
  2. Making 4 slot Glare Catalyst + Crack/Vet Fodders
  3. Combining 4 slot Guardian Soul with fodders
  4. Augment transferring 4 slot completed base into 8 slot end-game unit of your choice

For the purpose of simplicity, I’ll be talking about everything in 4 slot form. The reason we are keeping things in 4 slot form is because we can use the 4 slot (or less) insurance that can be exchange for 10 Recycles Badges. This assures we will not lose all the valuable fodder we have made in the event the affix fails. *You can up-slot your fodder from 3 slots, but is not recommended due to the success rate penalty. Save your 3 slot fodder for up-slotting standalone augments that do not need to be insured.

In the follow steps, please assume the following:

  • All affix given percentages assumes you use a +40% Augmentation Aid item unless otherwise specified.
  • All affix simulator pictures percentages are shown with NO boost week bonus applied.
  • Veteran’s Resolve: Vet, Mana Reverie: MR, Aether Factor: AF, Astral Soul: AS, Absolute Glare: AG, Boost Week: BW
  • This recipe assumes you are to use Veteran’s Resolve. If you aren’t using Vet, you must add one of your capsules when making your final 4 slot base with Guardian Soul.

Step 1: Creating 4s Guardian Soul

The cornerstone of your affix will be Guardian Soul so naturally this should be the first thing that gets made.

  • Astral Soul is made from 1x Soul of Darkness + 4x Soul Catalyst
  • Aether Factor is made from 1x Aether Soul + 4x Factor Catalyst
  • Mana Reverie is made from 1x Omega Memoria + 4x Reverie Catalyst
  • Absolute Glare is made from 1x Photoner Glare + 4x Glare Catalyst
  • Photoner Glare is made from 1x Varuna Glare + 1x Mitra Glare + 1x Shiva Glare + 1x Origin Glare

Since this step uses many expensive resources, it must be insured. The success rate normally will be 45% and 65% during 20% BW. If the current units you are using have AS, AF, or MR on them and you don’t mind losing that piece of unit (if 4 slot, you can set it as the base and it won’t be lost during the affix), they can be used in this recipe.

All materials for AS, AF, MR, and AG drop from UH Cradle of Darkness and UH Drawn to Darkness. All materials for Photoner Glare drop from their respective bosses (Divide, Final Lament, TPD, etc).
*Glare Catalysts cannot be transferred unlike other Catalysts.

Step 2: Creating 4s Glare Catalyst w/Crack & Vet

This next part will be the most expensive part of the affix as you will need 3 of these identical fodders made.

  • Any one of the 4 Glares can be used to combine together with Crack and Vet. I used Berouge Glare here as an example since it is the most abundant. This fodder is made from 2x Berouge Glares + 2x Vet II + 2x Crack II
  • Each Vet II and Crack II are made with 2x Vet I or 2x Crack I
  • Making the Vet III and Crack III together will be 100% on any BW but will be at 90% each normally. Insure if you want.
  • Angele Glares can be freely swapped with Duminus Glare

Once again this step should be insured since you want to keep your Crack and Vet together with Glare Catalyst as much as possible. The success rate normally will be 24.5% and 56.7% during 20% BW. Due to it’s low success rate outside of BW, I highly recommend you prioritize these during BW. *If you want to use your Vet IIIs standalone for Fodder 4 & Fodder 5, you will have to make Crack III on two other glares. Plan according to what fodder you have available.

All Glare Catalyst materials drop from their respective bosses (Armada Interception, Ship Infiltration, Divide, etc.). Crack drops most easily from UH Cradle/Drawn. Vets drop reliably from Risk Realm Extreme Quest, 4-man or solo.

Step 3: Combining 4s Guardian Soul and Making Absolute Glare

This part will finalize your 4s base with Guardian Soul. Technically this is the last actual affixing step. If you don’t have another affixed unit to use temporarily, you can use this on a Rivalate, Atlas or whatever best unit you have that you don’t mind losing its slot count later on. *If not using Mark, you can complete your final 8s unit whenever you want.

  • Note that 4 out of the 6 items here are already made from previous steps
  • The standalone Glare Catalyst can be made from 1x Berouge Glare + 1x Angele/Duminus Glare + 1x Fodrus Glare + 1x Exegul Glare. You can also simply just use a unit with Glare Catalyst already as a drop from UH Cradle/Drawn.
  • The Soul Receptor fodder can be purchased from the RWB5 badge shop for 20 badges.

This is the lowest success rate step of the entire process and will likely cause you the most headache. Needless to say, it must be insured. The success rate normally will be 18% and 44.8% during 20% BW. If you have +45%/50% Augmentation Aid, I recommend you using it at this step.

If you are omitting Vet entirely, you’ll need to add one of your capsules (Grand/Grace, MR, AF, Mark) on this step.
*If you are short on Mission Badges to add MR & AF on all 3 units (720 Badges), you can make AF on the standalone Glare Catalyst (Fodder 4) and use Soul + Factor Receptor on Fodder 5 (will use 360 instead). This only works if you are not using Vet.

Step 4: Augment Transferring to 8s

Now, the hardest part of this process is over and the rest is quite simple. You’ll need 140 Augment Transfer Passes to up-slot the base into 5s, then 6s, and finally 8s.

  • Transferring to 5s requires 15 passes, 6s requires 25 passes, and 8s requires 100 passes (140 total)
  • The 7s transfer is skipped as the final 8s already has the S6/7/8 in place
  • AF and MR capsules both require 120 Mission Badges each (240 total)
  • The 3 add capsule steps can be done in any order. My example is just AF, then MR, and finally Grand.
  • On the transfer window, you have to select the 5s/6s junk units as the base, and the 4s Gsoul as material.

This is important: every step here can be done on a junk unit with the exception of the very last step. Whichever unit you want the final 8s to be on MUST already be up-slotted to 8s with the S6/7/8 in place. The success rate for up-slotting any unit to the 8th slot with the SGA already in place is 8.2% and 47.8% during 20% BW. Up-slotting during BW is highly recommended. After all affixes are transferred to 8s, you’ll finally be finished.

What to do if I’m waiting for Mark?

If you want to use your unit but want to wait for Mark to do your final transfer, here’s what you can consider doing:

  1. Transfer 4s GSoul onto the unit you want to use with S6/7/8 on it at 6s and add capsule of choice. This will be the unit you’ll be using until Mark is available.
  2. When Mark becomes available, S-Augment Transfer the S6/7/8 off of your main unit to down-slot it to 5s.
  3. Then proceed the original plan to add your last two capsules.

*This makes it so you will use an extra 10 Augment Transfer Passes per unit in exchange for a usable unit for the time being. Also if Mark becomes available outside of boost week, you will have to up-slot your end unit to 8s without any extra help.

Tips & Checklist

  • Keep organized! Once you’re done with your fodders, lock them and place each fodder type in different storages before moving on to another affix. Keep standalone Glare Catalysts separate from the ones with Crack + Vet.
  • Double, triple check your work!
  • Make fodders for one unit at a time so you don’t have to math everything at once.
  • Be mentally prepared for all the failures.
  • You can use your 5s/6s/7s insurances before spending on more AC Recycle Badges if you do not plan to use them for anything else.
  • You can get a small same item boost by building all of your fodders on Sub / Solid Barriers which are plentiful everywhere. Bonuses can be anywhere between ~1-5% increase.

  • 1x 4s Guardian Soul + Photoner Glare
  • 3x 4s Glare Catalyst + Crack IV + Vet IV
  • 1x 4s Glare Catalyst
  • 1x 4s Soul Receptor
  • 240x Mission Badges
  • 140x Augment Transfer Passes
  • 4s Insurances from Recycle Shop
  • 1x 5s Junk Unit
  • 1x 6s Junk Unit


The entire process I’ve discussed so far is of course only for one unit. Obviously, if you plan to perform these affixes on all 3 of your units, you’ll need to triple all of your fodders. This also means you’ll need a hefty 420 Augment Transfer Passes and 720 Mission Badges. Also going by rough probability, for all 3 units, you’ll need 54 4s insurance normally and 27 on 20% BW. Of course, due to RNG, this figure could be wildly different from person to person.

As most people will be doing this process for their Klauz units, this will most likely be the last unit affixing that’ll ever need to be done in PSO2. Not everyone has the money or resources to do these units. Be flexible with what you have and what you want. Many things can be replaced with cheaper alternatives for not too much of a loss. Consider using things like Origin Glare, Astral Soul, Doom Break III, etc.

Ultimately, due to how all items and affixes scale when transferred into NGS, it most likely won’t make that big of a difference in the long term within NGS. Don’t fret if you are a new player and don’t have enough time or resources to make this. However, to be able to construct the final BiS piece of gear is quite an accomplishing feat, which will make the conclusion of PSO2 a more memorable experience. We wish you all best of luck on your affixing!

-Aki & Ciki

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