4/1/21 Blog Update

Hey everyone! With EP6 mostly wrapped up, I wanted to make a brief update post. We’ve also created Instagram and Twitter accounts, so please follow us on there @akiandciki and @lucentreveries. I’ll also be listing out some future content we plan to cover:

  • In terms of UQ posts, Final Lament just got an updated loot pool so I’ll be finally getting around to that sometime next week.
  • The trigger version of the new LQ “Endless Nightmare” is quite difficult. Recently we were able to clear it with some alliance members. I plan to write about some tips and tricks on certain stages and time checkpoints to see if you are on track to clear it.
  • We still haven’t received the solo Sodam Ultimate or CM3 from JP yet, so I’m not sure if I’ll be talking about those (leaning towards probably not).
  • We’ll be continuing to do more weapon camo posts as many people seem to find those resourceful. We won’t reveal too much, but the next post will be the Tracking Neon from the Designer Dreams IV AC Scratch, so please look forward to that!
  • If I have time, I would like to write a detailed endgame affix guide for this 20% boost week we’re having. I’ll try my best to give a detailed step by step breakdown of the affix process to help out newer players.
  • Lastly, we’re both really excited to try the upcoming NGS CBT for Global (we didn’t get into JP), so we’ll definitely be talking about that when/if we get chosen.

If there’s anything you guys want to see us cover in the future, feel free to @ us on our social media or just simply post in the comment section here. Until next time and good luck on affixing your gear this boost week!


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