Episode 7 ARKS Hour

Hey guys! We just recently tuned in for the Episode 7 ARKS Hour. If you missed it and don’t want to watch the vod, feel free to browse this post for a rundown of what the hosts, Gwizofthestars and JJ Dragon, had to talk about. New updates, new phasion, lets get right into it.

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega Episode 7 Arks Hour

It’s the end of March and we’re all patiently waiting for new content to grind. The hosts quickly started off with new quest updates.

Mop-up Op: Endless Nightmare

Our first new quest is a Limited Time Quest that you can run as many times as you’d like during the event period. The quest will spawn you into a bunch of random maps with waves of enemies to defeat before moving onto the next location. It’s a pretty cool quest, with the PSO Pioneer 2 as the teleporting location. PSO music will also be playing while you fight enemies!
Drops: Rinser weapons, Steel weapons, important catalysts, etc.

Wild Easter

We’ll be having a new Urgent Quest to celebrate the upcoming holiday: Easter. The quest takes place in Vegas and will have Earth mobs to fight through! Also Eggman’s theme is going to your background music here… No drops were showcased for this UQ.

Not the first place I’d go to during Easter.

– Gwizofthestars

More Quest Updates

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega Episode 7 Arks Hour

New UH difficulties for Cradle of Darkness and Drawn to Darkness will be the place to farm new weapon camos! Cradle will be offering Nemesis, Raven, and Steel weapon camos as a drop, while Ares, Atlas, and Invade weapon camos will be dropped from Drawn to Darkness.
Other than that, we are finally getting stages 31-35 for our Divide Quests which will be dropping more cool 15* weapons to collect! Lastly, to speed things up, they upped the daily challenge cap for solo Masquerade to 50 a day for people reaching floor 999.

Easter Event

Since I did mention Easter is coming up, the lobbies will be having Easter decorations and Franca’s Café will have a cherry blossom themed makeover! It’s one of my favorite places to take pictures in! Take a look around after the scheduled maintenance to find everything that’s changed.

Special Guest: BlacToBasics

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega Episode 7 Arks Hour BlacToBasics

This episode’s special guest is featuring a YouTube content creator, BlacToBasics. He makes basic informational videos on PSO2. He’s only revealed his face one other time, thus appearing on ARKs Hour is like a soft face reveal for his viewers!
Small Q&A with BlacToBasics reveals that he’s planning to stream more on Twitch with his new setup. The hosts and BlacToBasics talked about NGS and his experiences with the NGS classes.

Phantasy Phasion

After the BlacToBasics introduction and Q&A, the hosts showed the new AC Scratch: ARKS Elite and Support Items Pack. We all know what’s in the support pack, so we can skip talking about that. The new fashion scratch has PSO2es outfits that a lot of us have been waiting for! Released along with really cool new emotes, I might just be spending on this one…

Unfortunately, like we all feared, the SG Support Scratch will not be making an appearance after today’s maintenance. We shall all wait how they will surprise us next with ninja content inserts!

The hosts also did a small preview of the new Season 15 Mission Pass rewards, but since we saw the news of that earlier in the week, I’ll just be including a link to the post.

ARKS Hour Giveaway Code

PSO2 Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG Sega episode 7 Arks Hour Giveaway Code

Last, but not least, we have our ARKS Hour code.
As usual, just type in the keyword EGGCELLENTITEMS in the in-game chat to then redeem the items from your Visiphone. The Guitar Case is a weapon camo!

Closing + Q&A

This time there wasn’t much to talk about in the Q&A as usual, but Gwizofthestars did mention that they have no information on any future items, NGS closed beta, or the graphics update as of now.

Thanks for reading this summary of the Episode 7 ARKS Hour! Hopefully we will be seeing some new stuff that wasn’t mentioned upon the end of maintenance! Stay vigilant, ARKS.


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