Phantasy Star Online 2 The Face of the Abyss

UQ: The Face of the Abyss

With the end of EP6 all wrapped up we also received the final major UQ Boss: The Primordial Darkness. Even though for Global, this is the most recently released, it is actually not the chronologically last released UQ in JP (which was Mourning of Demise/Final Lament). This is probably the longest boss UQ released up to date with many different phases and mechanics. I will try my best to cover all of them in this post and give a loot breakdown at the end.

This 12-man MPA UQ is split into 3 major parts over a maximum one hour period. The first part is fighting the giant Gomorroth in the middle of the Space-time Ravine. The second part is Sodam, the true form of the Primordial Darkness. And the final part is Sodam merging back with the fallen husk of Gomorroth. I’ll go into detail of each of the three sections.

It is important to know this UQ has some different but important differences that must be addressed. First of all, when you die in the UQ, you will not be able to return to the gateway ship. You can either use your own Half Doll/Scape Doll or wait for someone to use a Moon Atomizer. Choosing to return to the gateway ship will automatically kick you out of the instance and fail the UQ for you. Additionally, to get S rank for the UQ, you’ll need to be alive when both Gomorroth and Sodam dies, have no more than 5 individual deaths, and your MPA must complete the instance is under 35 minutes.

Part 1: Primordial Darkness Gomorroth

This first part can be broken down into 3 general phases: breaking the eyeball tentacles on the top level, breaking its hands on the middle level, and finally its main eye/body on the bottom level.

Phase 1:

After the initial cutscene of Gomorroth crawling up the ravine, you’ll be spawned onto into the middle of three platforms on the top level with an eyeball on the left and right side. The eyeballs will randomly do one of four things, each representing one of the core elements of the game:

  • Red – it’ll shake and wiggle, dealing fire damage to anyone in melee range and can cause burn.
  • Blue – it’ll shoot out three icicles in quick succession that goes left, right, then center and can cause freeze.
  • Brown – it’ll have slow shrinking circles that turn into whirlwinds, staggering and hitting for 3 times and can blind. Circles always spawn under individual players that are close to the eye.
  • Purple – it’ll have a faster shrinking circle that turn into a single lightning strike, staggering and hitting once that can cause shock.

After breaking the two eyeballs, you are able to jump across to the left or right platforms where you’ll fight another pair of identical eyeballs as the first platform. Break both again to move to the next phase.

Phase 2:

The second phase will cutscene you into the middle of five platforms on the middle level. You will be able to freely move across these platforms to deal damage to Gomorroth’s hands/face. You are immune to damage when jumping between platforms. During this phase it’ll have a set of different mechanics:

  • Mouth beam – it’ll slowly open its mouth and either face left or right and spew a silvery liquid beam towards the opposing direction it started in. You’ll want to go to the farthest left or right platform away from the direction of its beam and DPS its hand that’s leaning on the wall of the Ravine. This is a guaranteed one shot mechanic unless you have a Will or Atlas.
  • Eyeballs beam – usually used right after the mouth beam. It’ll move its body and big eye next to the platform and a 11 of its smaller eyes will fire a tracking beam onto the player. This can be avoided entirely by DPSing its big center eyeball at melee range.
  • Roar – it’ll slowly open its mouth and suck in air and the player towards the edge of the platform. When it closes its mouth, it’ll immediately open again to deal a small amount of damage to everyone as well as paralyze. You should dodge the moment he reopens his mouth again after the initial air suck.
  • Palm attack – it’ll float its nails near the platform to indicate he’s about to do this attack. Shortly after it’ll move its hand back and palm across the center of the platform. You can move to the far side of the platform to avoid the attack all together. If it hits you, it’ll do relatively heavy damage.
  • Platform destruction – it’ll periodically destroy platforms where it last did a mechanic at and this will be indicated by a red exclamation point over the center of your screen as well as red circles all over the platform that it’s about the destroy (shows on minimap as well). You’ll have a little time to move away from that platform. If you’re still on the platform when its destroyed it’ll be a guaranteed death that cannot be iframed in any way.

When Gomorroth is low on HP, it’ll destroy the center three platforms and force all players to the two edge platforms where it’ll spawn two eyeballs similar to the first phase. They follow the same attack patterns as before so quickly destroy both to move to the last phase.

Phase 3:

The last phase takes place on a single platform where you’ll be fighting against Gomorroth’s main torso. This is a very simple phase as it’ll only do one of two things:

  • Puke attack – it’ll slowly rise up and open its mouth and puke out a waterfall of silvery liquid that hits the majority of the platform. It’s right hand will be on the left side of the platform where you can DPS.
  • Hand pound – a big section of the platform will be marked with a circle, and it’ll shortly pound that area with its palm inflicting heavy damage.

When its HP is low, it’ll bobble backwards and crash onto the platform where it’ll begin a DPS check mechanic. Not dealing enough damage will result in an AOE one shot mechanic that does hundreds of thousand damage (can be iframed). Finish off its eye to end this part of the UQ.

Part 2: Primordial Darkness Sodam

The second part of this UQ has 2 phases. Sodam cycles through 4 elemental forms and 2 compound elemental forms. Before starting this part, you are able to talk to either Matoi, Hitsugi or Harriet to receive their aid for the final part of this UQ. The order of the buffs you receive depends on the number of times each heroine was talked to. Matoi is +200% HP, +200 PP, and +30% Attack, Hitsugi stuns the boss for roughly 6-8 seconds, and Harriet deals 8 million damage to the boss on UH.

Phase 1:

Sodam will immediately hover into the air and stretch its arms out to assume one of four elemental forms (fire, ice, wind or lightning) at random. During this phase, it’ll be weak to 2 melee weapons, 1 ranged weapon, and 1 tech weapon chosen at random. Dealing enough damage with the weapons it’s weak to will cause it to lose it’s elemental form and temporarily down it, ending that elemental phase immediately.

These are some of the moves it’ll use regardless of which element it assumes

  • Element change – the indication that an element change is coming. It’ll float into the air and create a sphere with its hands, the color will match its wings as well as the field. Red is fire, blue is ice, brown is wind, and purple is lightning.
  • Double arm swing – probably the most frequently used attack where it swings its right arm twice in quick succession.
  • Arm spin – it’ll reach out with both of its arms and do an upward spin. This is a 360 degree attack.
  • Frontal shockwave – it’ll fold it’s wings forward and then release a frontal black beam, hitting all elevations in front of it.
  • Arm slam – it’ll slam forward three times with its right arm, then left, then both at once. The shockwaves from the slams are quite large.
  • Arm rush – it’ll swing its right arm back and then charges forward.
  • Gravity sphere – it’ll reach out with its right arm creating a black ball that sucks in all nearby players, then detonating it shortly after.

Depending on what elemental form it has there are a few unique mechanics associated with each form:

  • Fire form: fire blast – if the player it has aggro on is close, Sodam will charge up a flaming fist and slam down at its feet, causing an explosion and spin out multiple fire pillars. If the player it has aggro on is mid range or further, it’ll charge up and throw out several fireballs/pillars.
  • Ice form: ice bullets – if player it has aggro on is close, Sodam will charge up with its wing and slam the floor in front of it causing a sphere of ice bullets to explode out. There is a slight delay between the slam and the bullets actually flying out.
  • Ice form: blizzard – Sodam will disappear from the field and a snow storm will blow. Hide behind one of the 3 big field icicle pillars against the direction of the wind flow indicated on the floor. If you get caught it’ll inflict heavy damage 3 times as well as freeze. This attack cannot be guarded but can be iframed.
  • Wind form: multiple shockwaves – Sodam will slightly lower its body and then immediately stiffen up to release 3 consecutive dome-shaped shockwave AOEs.
  • Wind form: black tornado – Sodam will generate a yellow sphere with its hands and then drop it onto the ground. A black tornado will spawn and spin around the field clockwise for one revolution, dealing damage to any players caught within its range.
  • Wind form: ground spikes – Sodam will disappear from the field and the ground will show cracks twice. Jump into the big field tornado AFTER you see the second crack to avoid to field wide AOE attack. Like the ice blizzard, this attack cannot be guarded but can be iframed.
  • Lightning form: lightning swords – Sodam will summon 6 lightning swords that fall from the sky throughout the entire field. The swords will inflict damage during impact and if you stand close to it. After a few moment, the swords will discharge, dealing damage in a hexagonal line that connects each sword together.

When you have dealt enough damage to it, it’ll move on to its compound elemental forms.

Phase 2:

There’s a small cutscene that will indicate the start of this phase as the camera shifts angle (but you can still move around). During this phase, Sodam will assume one of two compound forms (fire and ice, wind and lightning) and be weak to 4 melee weapons, 2 range weapons, and 2 tech weapons chosen at random. Most of the mechanic is identical to the single elemental phases before but there are a couple new things:

  • Fire/Ice form: Sodam will disappear and float into the middle of the field, scattering out fire and ice bullets throughout the field. Shortly after, a wall of fire and ice will radiate out from the center of the field. There will be ice pillars to hide behind. The expanding fire wall can be guarded or iframed(2 hits) if you want to squeeze out more DPS on Sodam as he won’t disappear from the field during this mechanic.
  • Wind/Lightning form: Sodam will slowly float into the air and generate a big sphere to again throw onto the ground, spawning a huge black tornado that covers almost a quarter of the field. It’ll spin around the field clockwise for 1.5 revolution before disappearing. If the tornado touches any floating water balls, it’ll turn into an AOE damage field around that water ball for a short while. Overall, this mechanic isn’t as dangerous as the fire/ice one.

Once you deplete Sodam’s HP in this phase, the game will cutscene you into the last part of this UQ.

Part 3: Primordial Darkness Sodam (Final)

The last part of the UQ will see Sodam fusing back together with Gomorroth. It’ll immediately spew out its silvery vomit that will cover 50% of the field. Roughly every 3 minutes, it’ll repeat this attack that will expand this field hazard 25% towards the players. Conversely, if you do enough damage to the boss, it’ll decrease the field hazard by 25% as well. You can also down Sodam if you push its fluid field to 0%. The field does DOT damage to the player standing in it. While it can be used to trigger classes’ counter mechanics, the DOT ticks quite quickly so you won’t be able to fight a lot of counters in before needing to heal.

Depending on what level the field is at, it’ll do different smashes and pounds with its hands. There are also two golden bits on each knuckle (20 in total). Breaking all of these off will trigger the buffs from either Matoi, Hitsugi or Harriet. After the heroine’s buff, all bits will refresh and you can break them all again to trigger a different buff from another heroine. Occasionally, it will do a frontal vomit attack that will be marked on the floor. This attack does heavy damage so make sure to stay on the sides during the time between its hand attacks.

When you have dealt enough damage to Sodam, all of its fluid field will disappear and it’ll be downed, allowing you to go up and DPS its core. During this final phase, it’ll release an AOE shockwave attack that does 3000 to 4000 damage depending on your defense. This mechanic is a DPS check as the attack can be delayed when enough damage is dealt to it. If you’re unable to pass the DPS check, make sure to iframe the attack right before it hits. The wings will fold and show a white fluid being sucked in and then flapped out. When it flaps out, that’s when the hit occurs. Also, if you are dead on this attack, and Sodam is killed, you’ll automatically receive a C rank. Make sure you have ample Moons for your MPA and have Half Dolls for yourself. Continue DPSing the core to finally finish the UQ.

Notable Drops:

The base for the Klauz weapons, which is best-in-slot for most classes, will drop from this UQ: 15* Agile weapon. Additionally, 15* Puras weapons (base for 15* Steel weapons) will drop as well. Next in line, the 14* weapons that will drop are the Ceres Zara weapons (SAF Doom Break II) and Nike weapons (SAF Phrase Response). You’ll also get a slew of 13* Ray and Gix weapons sprinkled in. Surprisingly, all three Klauz 13* units can drop straight up, saving you Deimos Stones and many Modules if you are lucky enough.

In terms of Augments, we finally have our first source of Origin Glare which allows for the creation of the EP6 super augment: Absolute Glare. This also means we can finally create Guardian Soul. Shiva Glare can drop here as well.

With the release of this UQ, the finale of PSO2 has come to an end. In the future, we’ll only be getting seasonal UQs and new UH difficulty added to old UQs. However, practicing fighting Sodam in this UQ will still be useful even if you have made your Klauz weapons, as an upcoming Ultimate Quest will feature a 100 floor solo Sodam fight (similar to Omega Masquerade). With JP content still missing, such as 31-35 Divide Quest and a new Challenge Quest, there’s still a lot of new content I am looking forward to experiencing in PSO2 Global.

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