Weapon Camo: Ilteon Dusk Megith

It’s been a while since this camo and its partner, Caliente Orb Megith, have been out. Ilteon Dusk Megith is one of the weapon camos that was originally available from the Neon Genesis: Evangelion quest collaboration with PSO2 on JP servers. On global servers, we get these dropped from Rainbow Keys. They are both weapon camo versions of the Orb and Dusk 15* weapon series. There is a difference, though, so let’s take a look!

If you’ve watched Neon Genesis Evengelion, you’ll appreciate the designs of these weapons.

Since I only have the Dusk version of the weapon camos, I won’t be able to show what the Orb version looks like in the flesh… but I’ll slip in a picture of the color scheme with an Orb weapon as an example to show the differences.

Left is the Orb series and right is the Dusk series. This post will be showcasing the Ilteon Dusk Megith which camouflages the Dusk series of red and yellow colors. The weapons have an unsheathing effect that match their colors as well.

Okay, let’s get onto the biggest difference between the camos and the weapons themselves! When the 15* weapons are sheathed, they rest on your character’s back without the photon blades. The weapon camos have entirely new weapon sheaths floating around you instead. These are both Gunblades being shown.

Keep in mind this is not an all weapon camo!


Double Saber:




Twin Machine Guns:



Jet Boots:

Harmonizer: Wow finally a camo that includes Harmonizer!

My favorites are the Rod and Double Saber, of course. These camos are hard to come by, so expect to be paying hundreds of millions if you happen to come by one on the shops. Or get it as a drop! Good luck everyone and hope ya’ll enjoyed this showcase. Until the next one!


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