Episode 6 ARKS Hour

Episode 6 of PSO2’s ARKS Hour went live today to showcase the upcoming content to be released after the maintenance on the same day, February 2nd. The hosts talk about the new Scion class: Luster and other changes.

Episode 6 Final Story Chapter

After the maintenance, the new and final story chapter will be released for play through. We also have a complete story campaign that will be up as well.

Lv100 Cap

This was briefly mentioned, but of course all the gameplay showed for the new content and Luster featured a Lv100 character. Save up your keys and take advantage of the 200% bonus quest EXP compensation to boost your classes and Luster to Lv100.

Luster Release

The newest Scion class is here! Finally our gunblades to use for more than PP batteries. The hosts showcased Luster PAs, and some of the different features of the class. There are many aspects to playing this class, so I’d suggest reading up on some basic guides before you charge head on.

Persona UH

The ultra hard version of Persona is going to be released for players to challenge. Everyone has probably ran it so many times, but guess we get to bash our heads into it again some more. The hosts didn’t really talk about the drops.

New Extreme Solo Quest

They showcased the new “Risk Realm” Extreme Quest. It’s a solo extreme quest that seems to be similar in challenge to the Madness & Phantasms quest.

Rising Weapon Badge 5

With the maintenance, there will be special ability capsules being added to the RWB5 shop. Didn’t want to buy S4: Escalating Pursuit for 100m? That’s fine, you can have it for free now.

Special Guest Keroppi

Daily video uploading Youtuber, Keroppi was the special guest for Episode 6 ARKS Hour. They talked about his short history with the Phantasy Star franchise and his experience with PSO2.

Blazing Luster AC Scratch

We haven’t gotten the official post on the scratch yet, but the hosts showcased the video for the scratch. We can see that the Luster male and female outfits will be included, along with some cool new CAST parts(finally, after so many repeats). The scratch also featured a lot of good emotes like Luster Pose and TMG Pose.

ARKS Hour Giveaway Code

Remember that you have to type the words into the in-game chat, then receive the reward in your Visiphone.

Nothing important was discussed in the FAQ portion of the stream. Just random questions to pass time. Thus, until next ARKS Hour. Hopefully by then we have trading fixed or something more useful…

Ciki says Bye.

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