Phantasy Star Online 2 Dimolduminus and Nemesangele

The Armada of Annihilation: Interception

With EP6 in full swing, we have our first UQ of the episode that dramatically changed up the UQ format we’ve been familiar with since EP1. This UQ bring us to into space to engage the Photoner’s Fleet with new type of enemies: The Luminmechs. Since the release of EP6, Ultra Hard difficulty is now the new meta. So going forward from now, whenever I talk about drops, it will be specifically for UH and not XH.

This 8-man MPA UQ is technically split into 3 blocks over a 40 minute period. They are Sector 1 (10 min), Sector 2 (10 min), and Sector 3 (20 min). Each sector can have two layouts determined randomly at the start of each UQ for the entire server. Depending on the sector and the number of mobs that was killed, you’ll also be awarded points. You can clear Sector 1 and 2 as many times as you can and only clear Sector 3 once. Your total points will determine your RDR for the boss crystal at the end of Sector 3. Here’s a table of each sector’s total acquirable points:

SECTOR 1Ship Rescue: 85,000Ally Rescue: 79,000
SECTOR 2Disruptor Pursuit: 63,000Enemy Attack: 56,000
SECTOR 3Exterminate: 72,000Flagship: 70,000

SECTOR 1 – Ship Rescue:

This sector starts with the party split on two sides of the ship, each fighting a few Zorula and two Orcahba while avoiding a couple of laser fences. Advance down the ship to clear more Radilugo, Bareel, and a couple of Dizolsaber while avoiding a moving laser fence. As you’re advancing down the ship, try to break some of the fly-by ships to score some extra points.

After the first ship is cleared, you’ll jump onto another ship to avoid 3 moving laser fences and fight Falspawn and Corrupted AIS. Then, laser fences will encircle the area to spawn two Dralberouge as this sector’s mini bosses. Break the Dralberouge’s two shoulders and two legs, until its core is exposed (randomly placed in one of those parts). Focus on the core to kill it ASAP. Watch out for its aerial downward slash and it’s two big laser beams as it does heavy damage. Kill both Dralberouge to finish the sector.

SECTOR 1 – Ally Rescue:

This version of Sector 1 is arguably the easier version as there are no laser fences and is slightly shorter since it’ll only take place on one ship. However, there will be more ships flying by so your MPA need to be diligent in breaking those to get points. Like Ship Rescue, you’ll advance down your ship on two sides while clearing waves of Luminmech mobs as well as a few Gemini Falspawn. A few more Dizolsaber will spawn as you advance down the ship.

Once you get to the deck, two Dralberouge will spawn. The only difference here is that they are resonant, so killing them relatively close to each other will save you the trouble of dealing with a powered up Dralberouge. Kill both Dralberouge to finish the sector.

SECTOR 2 – Disruptor Pursuit:

This Sector 2 also starts you off on your own ship as you pursue an enemy ship. This is the longer but I think slightly easier version of Sector 2. You’ll once again advance down your ship on two sides to the end. You’ll fight 3 waves of Luminmechs and Falspawn. There will be a wave of fly-by ships for you to destroy before each wave. Try to break the gold ship for extra points if you cannot break them all.

After finishing up the mobs here, you’ll catch up to the enemy ship and port over to fight two Dekor Maryudas and a bunch of Bareels. The next platform will have two Kodotta Idihta and some Habalsa. Finish these mobs to spawn four Saberdigul and then advance to the next platform to fight two Wolguarda. After, you’ll get to the top of the enemy’s ship to destroy the AIS Disruptor to spawn the Dralberoudi. Try to break the turrets and kill the other mobs for extra points as well. The Dralberoudi follows the same mechanics as the Dralberouge albeit stronger. Destroy the it to finish Sector 2.

SECTOR 2 – Enemy Attack:

This Sector 2 is the shorter version as you are dropped off to attack the enemy ship. The MPA is split 4 and 4 at the start. This relies on both parties to clear mobs at the same speed or a lot of time will be wasted to assist the weaker party. You’ll be clearing some Zorula, Radilugo and a single Orcahba on the first platform. Afterwards, advance up to fight a bunch of Carthago and Bareels while avoiding some field hazards such as laser beams from another far away enemy ship. After clearing the mobs, break the AIS disruptor to go up to the 3rd platform. You’ll fight a single Saberdigul with a bunch of Falspawn Virluda (sp?). Try to AOE down the Falspawn ASAP as they will stun you with their attacks.

The parties should be united after this platform to take down some cannons and turrets. More Luminmechs and Corrupted AIS will spawn on the bridge. Clear them to break the AIS disruptor and to spawn the Dralberoudi. Kill it to finish this sector.

SECTOR 3 – Exterminate:

This Sector 3 is a full AIS battle so you can switch on your Early Riser ring and your Umbra Cane at the start. At the start, you’ll be breaking a bunch of Bareels and turrets on a single enemy ship. Make sure you are using your melee attacks when possible as they do more damage. Killing all the mobs will trigger the next event. The bridge of the ship will be vulnerable after all the mobs are killed. Destroy the bridge to blow up the ship.

Two more ships will spawn after with a bunch of Luminmechs. There are a lot more cannons and turrets on these two ships so make sure to destroy them all. Clear 2-3 waves of Luminmech mobs to expose the bridge. After both of these two ships are destroyed, the boss will be cutscene’d in. Nemesangele will spawn in with a shield. The shield has a weak spot that can be locked onto but can only be damaged with melee attacks(Right-Click) and counter-attacks(Shift Right-Click). He will spam his red sphere attack, and subsequently, the homing lasers quite often so make sure you are countering as much as possible. After the shield is broken, he’ll have 6 parts to destroy: two shoulders, two arms, and two legs. Melee as much as possible to quickly destroy the parts while countering his red ball/lasers. He’ll also fire out homing missiles that you can dodge by strafing around. Occasionally, he’ll don white wings and do a flurry of slashing attacks. You can safely avoid this by either moving above or below the plane he’s swiping. After all his parts are destroyed, he’ll repeatedly do his red ball and laser combo. Quickly finish him to end the UQ.

SECTOR 3 – Flagship:

This Sector 3 is slightly harder in my opinion but a lot more fun. You’ll crash your ship into the enemy flagship who is also the boss: Dimolduminus. You start the sector on foot by dashing up your ship to reach the boss. He’ll spawn walls that push you back so just use your mobility skills to avoid them. After taking some damage on his weak points, he’ll slide back further into the ship and you’ll go into AIS combat. After killing the first group of Luminmechs, you’ll fly towards him while avoiding 3 webs of purple lasers. Make sure to steer clear of these as touching it will one-shot your AIS. Destroy one Dralberouge and one Dralberoudi (trivial in AIS by beaming them) to resume fighting Duminus on foot.

Initially he’ll have 4 exposed “arm” cores for you to attack. He’ll target you with a delayed laser attack that beams where you are standing twice and send out two big laser beams with his outer arms. Occasionally he’ll slam with his inner arms and fire lasers out of one side of that arm. After dealing enough damage, Duminus will retreat back and send out a sphere to the middle of the field. Move forward out of its AOE range as it’ll detonate in a few seconds for heavy damage. He’ll do this a second time when he receives enough damage. However this time, he’ll spawn a wall that pushes you back into the damage range of the exploding sphere. Break all cores on the wall to escape the delayed blast. If your MPA cannot break the wall in time, time your i-frame skills when the sphere shrinks really small. In this second phase of the fight, he’ll occasionally summon laser triangle shapes that float towards the platform and spew out a bunch of small mines. After breaking all of Duminus’ rotating cores on the side of the platform, he’ll break free from the platform exposing his head core. Break the head cores 3 times to finish the UQ.

Notable Drops:

No loot table this time so here’s a goofy victory screenshot :^)

I wish I can say there’s some super good brand new 15* that this UQ drops but it really just is an excube farm. The 15* weapons that drop are the Oblisana and Orgei weapons as well as other weapons that are redeemable with the Gold and Silver Prize Medals. None of them are really worth using so I won’t go into their potentials/augment factors. All of the 14* Dim weapons can drop with useful Might, Precision, Casting VI stat as its augment factor. The real star of this UQ is its 13* Basilisk weapons which gives the Phrase Decay augment factor. Since almost all MPAs will have a Phantom (or if you’re a phantom yourself), Jellen will always be applied to enemies therefore guaranteeing a 5% bonus damage from Phrase Decay.

For Summoners, well, since all the 14* pets are available in CF now it probably doesn’t drop anything you’ll need. I’m not sure if it drops any useful parfaits since I barely play this UQ on Summoner.

In terms of Augments, we got our first set of glares: Berouge Glare, Angele Glare, and Duminus Glare. Hold these to make Glare Catalyst/Absolute Glare for later. Some S-Grade Augment capsules will also drop but nothing worth mentioning.

With this first EP6 UQ, it feels more like a EXP grind than acquiring meaningful gear. Since the meta for most classes relies on getting a Rivalate weapon, Armada does not provide any Ultimate Booster, and very scarce Plam mats if any. The only thing it can contribute is boosting my stock of ex-cubes for future augments. However, there are still a ton of other older UQs for us to farm that recently had UH difficulty added in. And those UQs will overshadow Armada until we get Divide Quests or Mourning of Demise in the near future.

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