PSO2 Randall Nova Weapon Camo Soaring Blades

Weapon Camo: Randall Nova

The weapon camo, Randall Nova, is an all weapon(except Harmonizer) camo that is dropped from Mining Base Defense Training: VR. They are the weapon appearances of the 15* Nova weapons, while their Orbit and Mirage versions of the weapon camo are the weapon appearances of the respective 13* and 14* weapons. They all look the same, with their color schemes being different. Let’s take a look at what the Randall Nova looks like!

The weapon camos all have the same emblem upon unsheathing your weapon. The Nova series has a white base and bright pink photon color, the Mirage series has a blue base and white photon color, and the Orbit series has a dark grey base and green photon color. When sheathed, the weapons are broken into blade-like pieces that form a circle on your back. There are slash and projectile effects when attacking.

PSO2 Randall Nova Weapon Camo Item Details

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Emblem, Slash Effect, Projectile Effect:

Orbit Color Scheme:

Mirage Color Scheme:


Wired Lance:


Twin Daggers:

Double Saber:




Soaring Blades:



Twin Machine Guns:





Jet Boots:

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