Phantasy Star Online 2 Valentine's Day

1/18/2021 Blog Update

Somehow we went for half a year on the blog without an actual announcement post. So here’s the first actual updates/announcement post:

Due to recent events, we haven’t been able to make frequent posts as of late. With EP6 kind of starting to slow down a bit we’ll have some time in the coming weeks to update our blog with more stuff again. Here’s what we have planned:

  • The Armada UQ post should be almost done and that should be posted either later today or tomorrow (better late than never I guess).
  • We’ll also be covering the Arks Hour that will air tomorrow on Twitch.
  • We also have a few weapon camo previews in the works.
  • We’ll be slowly posting any UH updates of past quests’ drops and related stuff.
  • With the possibility of Divide Quest coming soon, I may try to find time to write about that as well.
  • A Valentines Day fashion post.

Lastly, here’s an outfit featuring items from the upcoming Valentine’s Day AC scratch Sweet Romance. This is my character from JP.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Evening Rose [Ba]

Head: Sucre Marchen Hair, Evening Hair Accessory
Body: Western Gun Girl [Ou]*, Evening Rose Crimson [Ba], Lovely Hearts, Evening Bowtie, Sucre Marchen Bracelets, Abend Tights

*Not available in PSO2 Global.

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