Episode 4 ARKS Hour

On December 8, 2020, PSO2 Global broadcasted their 4th episode of the segment Arks Hour on twitch. I’ll be giving a quick summary of this episode for people who do not want to sit through the 1 hour stream.

CC Gwizofthestars started the stream off by showing a EP6 trailer and then GM JJ Dragon went into talking about some new additions in EP6. They showed off the new CF with 15* weapons, RWB5 with Novel weapons as well as the Rivalate upgrade from Zig.

GM JJ Dragon continued into showing off the PAs for both Phantom and Etoile. Gwizofthestars then went into talking about the holiday events such as new COs, new bingo card, and a new UQ: Christmas on Ice. Some new 14* and 15* weapons were also shown as well as the Tokyo Rainbow Key.

Gwizofthestars then introduced the special guest this time: minikitty, the Social Manager for Sega’s Sonic brand. Gwiz then showed off some of the upcoming fashion items such as the Tails Collaboration Pack, the AC Scratch Ultimate Trinity, and various fashion in the mission pass.

Next, the giveaway of the stream:

You’ll have to type RAPPYHOLIDAYS in all caps in chat to receive the Easygoing Bun and Easygoing Mess short hairstyles, SG 100 ticket, and Triboost 100% x3. After typing it in chat, the items can then be redeemed from the Visiphone. The items should be redeemable all the way until 12/22 until 4 PM server time.

Lastly, after the Letters from Arks segment, they tried to answer some questions from chat.

If you want to watch the stream yourself, here’s the video link on Twitch.

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