PSO2 Dark Falz Persona

UQ: The Malevolent Void

With EP5 finally coming to an end, we have my favorite UQ in all of EP5: Dark Falz Persona in The Malevolent Void. I remember back in JP, we had such a huge turn out of returning players due to the UQ being released at the same time as all of the initial 15* weapons (Ophista, Atlas Ex, and Trailblazer). Much like Omega Luther and Omega Apprentice, this 12-man UQ also has a chance to drop a 4-man trigger. As usual, I’ll be talking about the UQ as a whole and then on its drops.

The format of this UQ is pretty standard 12-man MPA that can be completed once within the 30-min UQ block. Since Persona will randomly don any two of the four Falz’s masks during his first two phases, I’ll try my best to cover all of them before moving onto his final phase.

Elder Phase:

At the start, he’ll immediately summon a bunch of fists to rain down on the field and build up slowly for an uppercut attack. Elder Mask will have 2 cores; one on each of the two bigger fists, so go for these first. He’s also weak to lightning and inflicting shocked status will also stun him for a short moment. After both cores are down, he’ll also be stunned. Focus on breaking his mask next until it’s cracked and then eventually breaking it (stunning him briefly each time). He has two major attacks you’ll need to watch out for. The first attack is a slam that does heavy damage to anyone standing on the floor anywhere on the field and the ground will be dimly lit to indicate it’s not safe. This attack has a long audio cue so it is hard to miss. The second is the classic Elder slam that causes pillars to spin out from its origin.

Luther Phase:

At the start, he’ll float his two arm blades in front of him and do his classic time stop (sky will turn silvery). This will always be followed up with small blades that hit the players after a delay if they don’t move away from where they were frozen. The player can quickly tap WASD or spin the analog stick to break free. He may reuse this attack later on as well. He’s weak to wind and inflicting blind to him will stun him. Luther Mask will have 2 cores as well; one on each wrist at the base of his blades. After both cores are down, he’ll be stunned again. This is the pattern with all the masks. Luther Mask has three major attacks you need to watch out for. He’ll slash with his arm swords up to 3 times and fire out a beam at the tip of each sword and will temporarily stay in place. He’ll also summon a sphere of flying blades in front of him or cast a veil. Anyone who is standing in it’s vicinity will take damage over time. Lastly, when he slams his arms into the ground, swords will drop down from the sky, inflicting small AOE damage when they disappear.

Apprentice Phase:

At the start, he’ll drop a homing circle on every player and it’ll go off after 6 seconds or so, shooting lasers down for 3 hits on the marked spots. This attack repeats throughout the fight. He’s weak to fire and inflicting burn to him will stun him, as will breaking his 4 wing cores. Apprentice Mask will summon out lasers and grids that will travel through the map, much like the lasers in the Ridroid section of the Mother UQ. Additionally, he’ll also summon a big laser forward when he swipes his arms. Lastly when he slams down, multiple balls with spikes are spawned in the air, firing out small projectiles that explode.

Gemini Phase:

At the start, he’ll fly away, rush twice through the field, and then burst through the middle, finishing in his upside down form. He’s weak to ice and inflicting frozen to him will stun him for a short moment, as well as breaking his 4 floating cores. Gemini is the only Falz Mask that will summon persistent field hazards: either straight bands of mouth like illusions will chomp by or rings of energy bullets will circle by. When he’s in his upside down form, he’ll also slam and cause energy crystals to scatter from the sky inflicting AOE damage. When he straightens one arm out, he’ll fire out a big laser and rotate around the field dealing heavy damage to anyone caught it is way. You can stand at his head to avoid this.

Final (Persona) Phase:

After completing two of the above masked phases, he’ll shift into the final phase, acquiring appendages that represents all four Falz’s. His chest core will be targetable and that’s the only place you should be focusing all your DPS. The core can be broken twice even though there isn’t much visual difference. But every time it’s broken, he’ll be downed and you’ll have to re-target the core. In his final form, you’ll really only need to watch out for four major attacks. 1) He’ll retreat a little and then fire out a big laser beam and will rapidly fire it twice in a row when he’s low on HP. 2) He’ll cast a suction ball in front of him pulling all players to it and then slamming the floor to send out Elder pillars; simultaneously the ball explodes during the smash. 3) He retreats far back and rushes forward in a pushing motion. Beams will shoot and explode from his hands after the push. 4) He’ll disappear and then drops down in his upside down form to cast the same beam as Gemini form. 5) He’ll 4 hit combo that includes a frontal cross slash, followed by a laser attack(hard to see), and then two consecutive sweeping slashes. This combo does heavy damage.

When he gets to around 20% HP, he’ll disappear and then floats away from the field to cast an energy ball. He will slam the ball into the middle of the field. Breaking the first ball will prompt another bigger ball to be slammed onto the field. This is effectively a DPS check on your MPA, failure to break any one of these two within 12 seconds per ball will cause it to explode. This will one-shot anyone who does not i-frame the explosion (cannot be guarded). As you damage it, the balls will change color from red to purple to blue and then be destroyed. Since the balls’ HP is linked with Persona’s HP, breaking both balls will almost guarantee you’ll push him to his final mechanic (if you are unable to pass the DPS check, he’ll resume doing his attack rotations). He’ll disappear again and then slowly float up from the middle of the field, releasing an AOE damage around him while simultaneously breaking his own mask. DPS his face to finish the UQ.

There are a lot of smaller mechanics of the boss I did not cover. For example, all the forms will do hand swipes at you or cast some kind of thin lasers at you. I tried to cover the ones that generally deal more damage. Also keep in mind Persona’s phases are gated specifically by his HP percentage so even if your MPA are able to dish out heavy DPS, his total HP pool will not decrease until those mechanics are performed. At 75%, he’ll switch into the second Falz mask. At 50%, he’ll switch into the Persona phase. At 20%, he’ll do his double energy ball DPS check. And finally at 3%, he’ll self destruct through the middle of the field.

Here are some changes and tips for the 4-man trigger “The Call of the Void”:

  • The biggest change in the trigger version is his phase changes are at different HP thresholds than the MPA version: first mask change at 75%, Persona mask at 55%, energy ball at 35%, and self destruct from field at 15%. The reasoning behind this change is after he loses his mask and extra arms at 15%, his torso will rise up from the floor and the sky and field will become redshifted. At this point he’ll remain in place and slam shockwaves across the floor and sky while sprinkling shards that causes damage. He’ll continuously repeat this pattern until his HP is depleted. Also, he’ll flail his arms and perform an uppercut that does massive damage so exercise caution if you’re in melee range.
  • If someone who’s ranged from the boss gets aggro, he’ll sink into the floor and burst out at where the ranged players was at, causing an explosion around him (and will continue to do this if you pull away from him again). Therefore, if you are ranged and have aggro, try your best to remain in place to DPS him to avoid DPS loss from your melee party members.
  • For Ranger’s Blight Rounds, because Persona will constantly rotate around, it’ll generally be easier for everyone if you apply it to the head instead of the chest.
  • Generally, you’ll want a tech user or Techer with Alternate Wand Element Change ring in the party so you’ll have an easier time stunning the Falz mask in each one of its four respectively elemental weakness.

Notable Drops:

With the release of Persona, a whole new set of drops associated with the Trailblazer Xion series weapons are part of his loot pool. 14* Starquake weapons and 13* Profound weapons will drop with increased rates for the specific class you do the UQ on with the Gunblade being available to all classes. In addition 15* Ophista weapons have a chance of dropping as well along with some 14* Phobos weapons. Starquake and Profound weapons both will have the Reverie Catalyst SAF which will be immensely useful in making Mana Reverie. 12* Starquake units will have a small chance of dropping as well.

The 4-man trigger version will drop 6 additional items in addition to what I mentioned above. Both the Chronos Eternistone and Founder’s Amphitrite can drop for upgrading Atlas and Starquake to their 15* versions respectively. 4 weapon camos can drop and each one camos all weapons(except Harmonizer) that was part of each Omega Falz’s 13* weapon series: Detonation weapons are camo’d by Camradio Amok, Claudium weapons are camo’d by Finesse Cardias, Allure weapons are camo’d by Addict Charme, and finally Xerraire weapons are camo’d by Broma Petriema.

For Summoners, this is the first UQ that drops 14* Redran as well as its shiny variant. All other 14* pets will drop along with their shiny variant. This isn’t super important as we’ll be able to get a lot of these 14* pets in EP6 with the new collection file with some being shinies. In terms of sweets, since it’s not visible on the item log, I can only confirm candies I’ve received myself. I know for sure the Exquisite Satisfying Parfait, Exquisite Transformation Parfait, and Exquisite Spicy Parfait will drop.

In terms of augments, this UQ gives a huge source of Persona Reverie as well as all of the other Falz Reveries to make Mana Reverie. Unfortunately, there are no new S-grade augments that drop from this UQ.

With EP5 coming to end, I’m still quite astonished as how we pushed through 2 years of JP content in under 2 months. It was quite nostalgic for me to revisit the content I was most familiar with when I was playing in JP. Take advantage of the boost weeks and prepare your Trailblazer Xion gear with Persona to get ready for more challenging content that will arrive with Episode 6 later this December.

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