PSO2 Fashion AC Scratch Zooey Hair Off-Shoulder Dress

Ciki’s Galleria 11/27/20

Hello all! Today I’ll be showcasing some items from the recent AC scratch: Corrupted Heroes that dropped on 11/25. The gallery won’t be dedicated to the scratch, but I made some outfits that feature some cute pieces as the main focus!

First set has a special appearance from Aki and our alliance member, Riku. :^) The edge is too sharp… I’ll only be listing my outfit, though! You’ll have to chase the other two down!

Head: Nocturnal Hair, Futaba Sakura Headphones, Steck Gas Mask, Rare Drop Earrings
Body: Broken Steck [Ou], Stellar Ardor: Shadow [Ba], Duskwake Regalia [In], Spiked Collar

Head: Ephitina Hair, Stellar Headphones, Noble Tiara B, Long Satin Earrings: Black
Body: Zooey OscuritaV2 [Ou], Eville Amalti: Hazel [Ba]

Head: Braided Pigtails, Long Ribbon B, Merlett Barrette, Cherry Blossom Earrings
Body: Gothic Dress: Snow [Ba], Hariette Gloves, Nape Butterfly: Pink

Head: Zooey Hair 1, YoRHa 2B Hairband, Gold Pearl, Glamor Sunglasses
Body: Radiant Songstress [Ou], Off-Shoulder Dress: Silver [Ba], Ringed Necklace, Simple Choker F D,
Front Slit Thigh-Highs

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