Episode 3 ARKS Hour

On November 25, 2020, PSO2 Global broadcasted their 3rd episode of the segment Arks Hour on twitch. I’ll be giving a quick summary of this episode for people who do not want to sit through the 1 hour stream.

The stream started with GM JJ Dragon talking about the current ongoing Thanksgiving UQ and reminding everyone about Xia’s event client orders. He then went into showing the new Dark Falz Persona UQ: The Malevolent Void, as well as the LQ: Dark Revelry Consume Starlights.

The new host, Gwizofthestars, previewed some of the fashion from the upcoming AC scratch Corrupted Heroes as well as some of the cosmetic items in Season 10’s Mission Pass.

Soon after they invited content creator Anamana onto the stream and did a small Q&A with him while showing off some gameplay in the Thanksgiving UQ.

Next, the giveaway of this stream as announced:

Instead of the usual Visiphone redemption, you’ll have to type ARKSGIVING in all caps in chat to receive the Lumiere Fonse weapon camo (sword, soaring blades, katana), SG 100 ticket, and Triboost 100% x3. After typing it in chat, the items can then be redeemed from the Visiphone. The items should be redeemable all the way until 12/11 at midnight.

Lastly, after the Letters from the Arks segment, they tried to answer some questions from chat. They hinted the episode 6 release date would be announced in “early December” and concluded the stream.

If you want to watch the stream yourself, here’s the video link on Twitch.

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