UQ: Castrum Demonica Madness

I must admit, I’m not a super big fan of Buster Quests, which is why I avoided making a post on the last BQ UQ we had: Castrum Demonica Hostility. That one was just pretty much a Grade 3+ BQ with more chance of accidents and 2x Hyunal spawn. Even though the battle order of this UQ still follows the tradition BQ format, there are a few changes I’ll try to cover in this post. Since there isn’t a lot of new mechanics, this post will be shorter than usual.

Like all previous BQs, this will be a 8-man MPA. You are able to complete it twice within the 30 minute UQ time block.

Again, it follows the exact format at your 3+ BQs which means defense phase -> buster phase -> defense phase -> buster phase -> attack phase -> final defense phase -> final attack phase. This is of course assuming no EX attack during buster or none of your buster piles were destroyed during the first buster phase. Here are some of the important difference:

  • The layout of the towers are no longer in a line but in the shape of a square (towers placed at each corner).
  • Enemies will come from the east and west side of the all 4 towers. Additionally, enemies can come from north of the top 2 towers.
  • Players and mob levels are scaled down to 80.
  • All enemies and mini-bosses will all have taint marks increasing the exp yield in this UQ.
  • Omega Dranble will is guaranteed to spawn at the very first defense phase.
  • The castle will gain a new “counterattack” ability. In addition to the sword it throws, and the two arm cannons, it can now summon 8 piles that will target each one of your towers.
  • In the final defense phase, multiple Omega Hyunal, Angel, Apprentice, and/or Dranble will spawn.
  • Some of the tower weapon sets have been changed as well.
  • Some mobs will self destruct if they are not killed when the defense phases’ timer times out.

Since I’m not going to go into the mechanics of the BQ itself, I’ll just share some tips overall. I’ll keep this in a list format as well to make it easy to follow and read:

  • First and foremost, this is by all means not an easy UQ. Plenty of mobs and bosses will spawn and with only 8 people in the MPA. Map awareness is really important to keep track of all mobs as well as tower hazards (red icons on mini-map).
  • Because of it’s increase difficulty, I do not recommend you bringing in alts/ungeared classes to level. Even though mobs give increased EXP, dealing a few thousand damage per hit means someone else in your MPA will have to pick up your slack.
  • Don’t hesitate to use your defense barriers, especially in the final defense phase when a ton of mobs and hazards spawn. Keep in mind the top 2 towers only have one barrier facing north instead of the usual two (defense type is chosen). Most of the bosses will be spawning from the north. Prioritize defense in these areas during the defense phases.
  • It is suggested you use your Dark Blast in the final defense phase as well since that is the most difficult phase and it is late enough in the UQ that most everyone’s Dark Blast will be up.
  • Be weary of the Dark Ragne that can spawn during the final defense phase (north side). It’ll instantly jump onto the top of one of your towers. It’ll be out of your usual view so pay extra attention. Target and break its legs to make it fall down.
  • Try your best to stay and defend on one side of the map (maybe around 2 towers). Constantly moving around the battlefield uses a lot of PP and time which is not spent DPSing mobs.

Notable Drops:

This is the first UQ we’ve had where no new drops were introduced. The 14* weapons that’s available will be the Boots of Gabriel, Dagger of Gabriel, Apprentice Grudge Omega (TD), Phobos weapons, and Demonia weapons. 13* weapons include All the Omega Falz weapons such as the Detonation, Claudium, Allure, and Xerraire. Schvelle weapons can drop directly now as well as Jutus, Ivlida, and Supernaturals. For units, we’ll still have the 3 Omega Falz units and Phobos units.

There are a few new S-Grade Augments that drop here such as S1: Two-edged Strike, S2: Lucent Domain, S2: Lustrous Moonleaf, S2: Luminous Moonleaf, S2: Moonleaf Shield, S3: Moonleaf Adept, S3: Moonleaf Vitality, S3: Lustrous Petalsea, and S3: Petalsea Shield. As always, please refer to the NA Visiphone for the full list.

There are no new normal augments that drop so keep hanging onto those Reveries.

With EP5 coming to an end, this past maintenance cycle slowed the game down quite a lot after everyone acquired their 15* Atlas Ex or Ophista weapons. In a few more days, we’ll be getting our last UQ of EP5 and the BiS 15* for most classes: the Trailblazer Xion series. Hopefully, that will catapult people back into the game and streamline us towards the start of EP6.

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