Ciki’s Galleria 11/18/20

Hello all! I’m starting a new series of galleries that will showcase some of my outfits. Since I seem to change them a lot, I thought it’d be a good idea to showcase them here before I put them back in the closet for who knows how long… Most of these I just make on the fly to get some SG from the outerwear/outfits. I’ll be listing the pieces that make the outfit with each set! Click the images for a closer look. Hope you guys enjoy. (:

Head: Kohri Odango Hair, Pinwheel Hairpin: White, Autumn Leaf Earrings, Colored Irises: Yellow
Body: Blanc Mermaid [Ou], Outlandish Bikini/F [Ba], Hariette Gloves, Slit Knee Socks: White,
Vivid Wings: Red, Crys Ribbon: Yellow

Head: Innocent Loop Pigtails, Pinwheel Hairpin: White, Flower Headband B, Illustration Eyes C (L)
Body: Flower Season Cafuu [Ou], Exotic Monokini: Shadow [Ba], Simple Choker F D, Photon Fish B

Head: Sacred Hair, Exceeder Horns, Feathered Hair Ornament C, Manga Eyes C (L), Kabuki Makeup
Body: Fibre Supreme [Ou], Gothic Miniskirt: Snow [Ba], Mitsuru Kirijo Ribbon, Cape of Resentment
A, Hariette Gloves B, Sakuya Tights & Gloves

Bonus Gallery:

Some sub-par outfits, Rappy suit cuteness, and everyday shenanigans… Hope you enjoyed these and thanks for stopping by!


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