Weapon Camo: Wilke Shente

Today we’ll be taking a look at the weapon camo Wilke Shente. This is one of the few rare multi-weapon camos that camos every single weapon except for harmonizers. Similar to the Dalus Reigen, Wilke Shente will drop from the 4-man Omega Apprentice trigger (The City of Sand).

The camo will change forms when it’s unsheathed. Additionally, it’ll produce either a lavender, red, or cyan emblem every time it’s sheathed or unsheathed. However, the camo does not have any special animation when the weapon is swung.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge the images.

Shealth/Unshealth Effect: (sword example)


Wired Lance:


Twin Daggers:

Double saber:




Soaring Blades:

Assault Rifle:


Twin Machine Guns:





Jet Boots:

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