Weapon Camo: Dalus Reigen

I’ve decided to start a new segment showing off some of the multi-weapon camos. In the game preview, you can only see the sword or whatever the “first” camo’d weapon is and unable to preview any other weapons. I’ll try to show some of the more expensive weapon camos so people will have a better idea of what they look like before spending a lot of Meseta. Today we’ll be looking at the Dalus Reigen.

The first post will showcase the Dalus Reigen, a multi-weapon camo that drops from the 4-man Omega Luther trigger (Longing for Omniscience). This weapon camo will work with sword, partisan, double saber, gunblade, rifle, bow, talis, wand, and jet boots. Most weapons will have a small effect of either a red mist or loose feathers when swung.

I wanted to also thank Gonzorii from my alliance for letting me borrow this camo.

Click the thumbnails to enlarge the images.



Double saber:


Assault Rifle:




Jet Boots:

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