UQ: Queen’s Nightmare Earth Depths

With all the boss UQs being rapid fire released, this week we have Omega Apprentice in Queen’s Nightmare: Earth Depths. Before going any further, I’m pretty sure this takes place in the Omega so why on earth (no pun intended) is it earth depths? In any case, this is UQ takes us to the depths of a cave in the desert of Epyk to search and destroy Omega Apprentice. As with other EP5 UQs, there’s also a 4-man version in the form of a trigger drop again. I’ll be talking about the UQ as a whole and then drops at the end.

This UQ is split into 3 parts: the cannon escort, Dark Blast Apprentice fight, and the Apprentice torso/head fight. This is also a 8-man MPA instead of your usual 12. There isn’t really too many mechanics here so I’ll just briefly glance over it.

Part 1:

The first part is the lengthiest part of the UQ. You’ll need to escort a cannon tank thing through the windy caverns. This is a pretty standard escort quest in any RPG games where you’ll need to stay with the cannon and kill trash mobs and mini bosses that spawn in its way or behind it. The cannon itself will slowly lose mana as it moves. Destroying the crystal formations in the cave or picking small droplets of it will restore the cannon’s mana. Of course, taking damage will also cause it to lose mana. If the mana bar is depleted at any point, you’ll fail the UQ. There’s really only a couple of contentious points during the escort path where you may have some trouble.

The first area is the when the cannon goes into the large cavern. The Omega Salamanders on the sides of the cliffs will be shooting fireballs. One or two people in the MPA need to climb up the sides to quickly dispatch of these. The second area is after the Dark Ragne and a bunch Velmurittas spawn. The Velmurittas are tanky unless you target the knight riding on them so a bunch of them can overwhelm the cannon. Lastly, the part of the Velmuritta is quite dangerous as well with 6 or so Minotaurs spawning and charging the cannon. Dispatch of these quickly to minimize damage to the cannon. After you get to the end of the tunnel and beat the Fal Vibras, you’ll be cutscene’d into the Dark Blast portion of the UQ.

Part 2:

The second part of this UQ revolves around you fighting the now airborne Apprentice in Dark Blast Luther form. The maneuvering is similar to the AIS fight from Magatsu or Yamato. You don’t have to have your own Dark Blast Luther unlocked or leveled as it will not affect performance in this fight. Apprentice occasionally slashes waves at you and fire lasers on you. Most of these are pretty easy to dodge and DB Luther’s dodge is easy to spam. The only PA you should be using is Convergent Ray (shift + left click). Hold it until the ring/wings glow and then release. You’ll need to destroy all 6 wings on her (3 on each side) to stun her. After she’s stunned her chest core will stay open allowing you to use Diffusion Ray on it (number 2 skill). Destroying the two pinkish knobs above her head will also stun her as well.

When Apprentice is low on health, she’ll use a mega laser skill on you. There will be two rings that will move towards each other. Since Apprentice is too far to be attacked here anyways, just focus on staying alive by slowly positioning yourself between the two rings. Do not try to dodge out of either ring as it’ll instantly one shot you. At the end, the inner ring will fold outwards with the outer ring, forming a spinning wheel that hurls towards you. Simply dodge forward to avoid the spinning lines to finish. After dealing enough damage to Apprentice, you’ll begin the final part of the fight.

Part 3:

The last part of this UQ is quite easy. After Apprentice is wounded, she will fall into the desert. At first, she’ll expose 3 cores on an arm while hurling some discs at you, firing lasers, and doing her sucky ball explosion thing. Avoid these hazards and break the 3 cores. Next she’ll pound down with a claw, exposing another core. Break this and finish off the other 2 cores on that arm to finally expose her chest core. Whale on it until she’s defeated and you get one of the best UQ ending cutscenes up to date.

The 4-man trigger for this UQ is called “The City of Sand”. I honestly don’t have any tips for this party version because it’s pretty easy. You skip the entire escort phase and just do Part 2 and 3 of the fight. I guess the only difficult part is you only have 15 minutes to complete it which should be plenty of time.

Notable Drops:

The drops follow the exact pattern of Omega Luther with both versions sharing the same pool of drops. The 14* weapons that drop here are: Cursed Cutter Gaen (katana), Luxa Lola (DB), Vante Weihen (rifle), Bringer’s Rifle (gunblade), and the entire Phobos weapon series. For 13*s Apprentice will drop her Allure series so save for future Lightstream or Modulator SAF. The entire Phobos series will give Sentence Might, Precision, and Casting SAF. This is a nice addition since most people don’t farm Ultimates much anymore and the supplies of Gix weapons are quite low. The other 13*s that drop are the usual Vals with SSAs on them as well as very low numbers of Jutus, Ivlida, and Supernatural series.

The 4-man trigger will drop two additional items again. Like Luther, it’ll be the Chronos Eternistone for making additional Atlas weapons as well as another multi weapon camo called the Wilke Shente.

For Summoners, this UQ is quite important as it introduces a myriad of 14* pets such as Jinga, Aero, Popple. Other 14*s like Wanda, Trim, and Sally drop as well. Shiny versions of these 6 pets will also drop but most likely at the 1/10 rate compared to their normal 14* counterparts. The 14* Super Luxurious Parfait will also drop making it a good choice for high PP usage pets such as Redran or Synchro. The 13* Rappy continues to drop in this UQ so continue doing these if you still need a Rappy.

In terms of augments, this UQ gives us a huge source of Appregina Reverie and Apprentice Soul. Use them for your ranged weapon affixes for a nice +40 Precision or hold for Mana Reverie. The new SSAs that are available will be S1: Partbreaker’s Will, S2: Lustrous Partbreaker, S2: Two-edged Strike, S3: Lucent Adversity, and S3: Lucent Domain. For more details on each, please refer to the Visiphone.

With EP5 drawing closer to an end, we’ll most likely get a reskinned BQ UQ with the next update called “Unceasing Madness” (Perpetual Madness in JP). I personally wish we could get Persona UQ as well but most likely we won’t be seeing that until the first maintenance in December 2020. Regardless, we’ll most likely be getting reliable ways to make our first 15* weapons by the end of the month so look forward to that in the near future.

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