Episode 2 ARKS Hour

PSO2 Global continued their segment of Arks Hour on their twitch channel again in October so it seems like this will be a regular segment going forward. I know the coverage for this post comes quite a bit after when the actual stream. I still wanted to provide a quick summary for people who do not want to watch the one hour stream itself.

Right off the bat, GM JJ Dragon talked about the two upcoming content update with the release of Endless Quests and the Wisdom Incarnate UQ. The team also discussed the current ongoing Trick or Treat event as well as the relatively new Bewitched Woods Expedition.

CC Saccharin then reminded everyone about the twitter giveaway that could win you 2200 AC. The upcoming scratch as well as the FF was also previewed following by a showing of Halloween community photo submissions.

Then they had a special guest streamer (CammyCakes) who then had a small Q&A with them as well as showing off some of his own gameplay in Bewitched Woods and Treat or Treat.

Lastly, like last time, they gave us another item code:

They said the redemption period for the code was a typo. It could be claimed starting from when they streamed it (10/24) but the end time was going to be confirmed again on twitter. I tried looking for it and couldn’t find it so I would just claim it ASAP. For people who want to copy and paste here’s the code: 1VCH MX6A 4EN2 36CK.

If you want to watch the original stream, Here’s the video link. I’ll try to update the Arks Hour next month on the same day for next month so see you next time!

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