UQ: Wisdom Incarnate

As we are rolling through the all the EP5 content, we have our first reskinned UQ with Omega Falz Luther. Instead of a red color themed stage and boss, we now have a purple themed one. A 4-man trigger was also released exclusively as a drop from the 12-man UQ itself. Most of Luther’s stuff will be identical to the old version. As usual, I’ll talk about the fight itself as well as the drops afterwards.

Oh yeah. Last week, I have completely omitted talking about the Castrum Demonica: Hostility UQ as it was pretty much a standard 3+ Buster Quest which I figured everyone already knows how to do and is completely bored to death by it.

This is a pretty cookie-cutter style 12-man UQ that can be only completed once within a 30 minute block. As this UQ is just a single boss fight, I’ll just be talking about general strategy.

Here’s a bit of disclaimer: we try our best to always follow the strategy presented by the PSO2 swiki when fighting him. I’m sure there are many different ways to fight this boss and by no means is what I’m about to discuss the only way.

Right off the bat you’ll notice Luther is no longer weak to light and wind but will be weak to light and dark now. Instead of inflicting mirage to open his clock, you’ll now need to use poison (more on this later). At the very start of the fight he’ll always do one stab, one slash, followed by 3 rapid stabs. Then he’ll always do a cross shaped wave across the field. Focus on hitting his right wrist guard to expose his right biceps core. Breaking the biceps core will cause Luther to sink into the ground, temporarily removing the shield on his neck core. Dealing enough damage to the neck will cause it to be invulnerable again and he’ll rise back up. Repeat this step on his left wrist and biceps to once again expose his neck. Obviously you can either do left or right first it doesn’t really matter. Just take note that the wrist guards will regenerate over time and will have a separate HP pool than Luther himself.

Once both bicep cores are broken, you can focus on opening his clock with poison. The best dark techs to use are Gimegid when he’s stationary and Samegid when he’s moving around. The Ranger’s poison trap works as well. When the clock is open, everyone in the MPA needs to DPS it right away to deal enough damage to “break” it to keep it open. Every time the clock is opened, it develops resistance to being poisoned and therefore will be harder to open (up to 5 times according to swiki).

The reasoning why you don’t want to open the clock too early is that it’ll allow the MPA to do too much damage early on to push him pass 80% which will cause him to go into a more aggressive phase (when the background turning redish purple) and he’ll teleport around with faster attacks. During this rapid movement phase, it becomes harder to break his wrists and biceps. If you open the clock before breaking the biceps, it will remain cloudy and resistant to damage until the biceps are broken. Eventually he’ll also switch into his “blue” phase which he will move slower but attacks will do more damage such as the spinning blades.

After both biceps cores are destroyed, his 4 elemental gems will also be targetable. If you are ranged DPS, focus on these gems to remove some of his attacks. This would be good time to break his beak as well since it’ll instantly stun him and cause him to fall, again exposing his neck core. If you are melee with poor gap closing capabilities, you can just focus on his opened clock.

Luther will also do his time freeze at 62% and 37%. Like before, he’ll throw out 4 swords which will freeze you in place if you don’t i-frame it. After the initial 4, another 4 will come out along with some swords horizontally across. Break these swords ASAP as they will deal heavy damage to the quarter of the map they are on. If you can’t break all of them in time, the second set of 4 swords will start to spin around the field before going off. Make sure you are in a cleared area in the event your MPA cannot break all the swords in time.

At low health, Luther will drop his body into the floor and summon tornadoes and do a sucky ball attack (much like Mother), which will then explode for massive damage. During this time, if the beak or gems are not broken, DPS should be focused on these parts. If they are, just target his vulnerable neck core. Continue to DPS his opened clock until you deplete his HP to finish the UQ.

Here are some tips for the 4-man Trigger “Longing for Omniscience”:

  • Obviously with less people and less damage, talk with your team members first on which arm to focus on first so DPS is not spread out.
  • Try to have one person be a Fo, Te or assign a designated tech user to open the clock with dark techs.
  • During the time freeze phase, it may be very difficult to break all swords. Make sure your team members are focused on the same quadrant of the map to keep it safe from its attacks.

Notable Drops:

Both the MPA and the 4-man trigger will drop mostly the same set of loot. The 14* weapons that drop here are: Rivaga Lola (SB), Blanc Absolut (TD), Yasminokov 4000FJ (launcher), and Motav Forbidden Book (talis). Most of these are not worth mentioning with the exception of the Yasminokov 4000FJ. Its potential allows the launcher to fire 4 homing rockets with it’s auto attack effectively quadrupling your PP recovery. Currently, this is the best in slot launcher for rangers. Additionally, Luther will also drop his Claudium weapons. Save one weapon for your Lightstream upgrade later on in EP5 or for its Modulator SAF. All Val weapons will drop as well with a new set of S-class abilities. Ivlida units drop here too if you haven’t acquired them already.

The 4-man triggers drops two additional items only. They are the Chronos Eternistone, used for upgrading Val to Atlas, and Dalus Reigen, a Luther themed weapon camo that camos multiple weapons.

For summoners, we still have the same old pool of 13* pets in addition to Rappy. No shinies and no new candies here so if you still need Rappy, this is a good UQ to bring your summoner to.

In terms of augments, we now have a abundant source for Luther Reverie and Luther Soul. If you want, hold for Mana Reverie and Astral Soul (units) respectively. The new SSAs are the S1 gleams and S3: Aggressive Will. Once again, more info on the Visiphone.

I apologize for the late update on the UQ as I’ve been busy with things. This next week we’ll be getting Omega Apprentice which will introduce a whole new set of 13* weapons and some new 14*s. With just three more UQs left to release for EP5, the end is once again in sight and we hopefully should be getting EP6 right before the end of the year and one step closer catching us up with JP.

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