UQ: Crimson Fellwyrm Over the Castle

On the launch of EP5, we got our first UQ on the second week with the Crimson Fellwyrm (fan translated as Crimson Castle Crushers in JP). During my time playing PSO2 JP, I never really got to do this UQ when it was still in the schedule and only did it a few times after they cycled it out nearing the end of EP5. I’ll try my best to go into the details of this UQ and then provide some advice from my own runs on the 4-man party version.

Like many of the other UQs that come before it, this UQ is split into 2 parts that’s pretty much identical except for the color of the dragon boss itself. You have the 12-man MPA in the first 30 minute block and then the 4-man party version in the second 30 minute block.

Part 1:

At the start of the UQ, you just fight some trash mobs up a straight bridge to the castle. There’s really nothing to mention here aside from avoiding the ground hazards. The Dragon will randomly shoot fire down the pathway in a band or fly around and shoot fire balls that are marked as circles on the floor. Progress up the pathway to begin the actual boss fight.

Part 2:

The actual Dragon fight can be split up into 4 phases: fighting him on the lower level, aerial fight, fighting him on the upper level, and fighting him with blackened skies and fire everywhere.

Phase 1 starts right as you take the jump pad up after clearing the trash mobs. The Dragon will be stationary and perched in the back of this area. Everyone should dash up to one of his front claws to avoid his flame breath and fireballs. Focus strike one of the claws and make sure to also avoid the falling flame beams marked with circles.

After dealing enough damage to the claw, his chest will glow blue. At this point, 3 Laconium Swords will appear. Using the right-click charged PA of the sword will remove the blue barrier on the chest and turn it orange, making it more vulnerable to attacks. During this time, he’ll start to move around and breath fire down in an AOE around his chest. If you are melee, he’ll also be swiping with the frontal claws as well. Once you deal enough damage to the chest, he’ll be stunned and fall to the ground with one of his wing targetable. Once again, the blue barrier on the wing must be dispelled with the Laconium Sword. The wing is then able to be broken. After awhile, he’ll take off to the skies beginning the next phase.

Phase 2 starts as he takes off into the skies. Everyone will need to jump on a mana cannon on the front ledge of the castle. He’ll fly around for a bit while shooting a ton of small fireballs at members of the MPA. You can just wiggle your cannon when they get close to destroy them with one hit. If you can hit his wing during this phase, that’ll help later but if not, it’s not really a big deal. Afterwards, he’ll stop in the sky and summon a giant fireball in front of a wing. Focus fire all cannon fire and only stop to destroy the small fireballs that are still being sent towards you. If the fireball cannot be destroyed, it’ll cause MPA-wide heavy damage several times. Once the fireball is destroyed, he’ll land perched on the front castle wall, allowing you to resume DPS on the wing. If one wing is already downed from the last phase, the other wing will be available to attack. If no wings are downed, he’ll most likely have enough time to repeat the flying around mechanic before you are able to break both wings. Once both wings are broken, he’ll fly up to the top level of the castle, spawning a jump pad for you to pursue him.

Phase 3 of the fight is largely similar to fighting him on the first level. He’ll do everything he did before but will be more aggressive. Right off the bat his head will glow blue in addition to two knees or a single tail. Dispel the shields with the Laconium Sword and focus DPS on either the two legs or the tail. He’ll be using his tail to hit you such as a simple tail whip or whacking the floor and kicking up debris on you. Once you’ve broken both knees or the single tail, his head will come down and will be stunned for a short period of time. After he’s sustained enough damage, he’ll fly into the sky and swipe down at the player with the most aggro twice. Continue to dispel knees/tail that become vulnerable and DPS him to push him to the final phase.

You’ll know this is the final phase when he rushes off to the skies again (and for some reason the skies also turn black and red). He’ll roar around for a bit then set fire to most of the field. He’ll do his usual 2 dashes at the players and then crash back onto the platform along with some other fireballs. Avoid these hazards and then use the Laconium Sword to dispel his head one more time to stun him. Focus DPS on his downed head to finish him off.

4-man Party Version:

The fight is essentially the same for this party version. However, there are a few pointers I can give to speed it up and maximize your chances of finishing it fast.

  • Before you start the UQ, decide on who will do the Laconium Sword duty since there is only one sword until the very end. Since the sword doesn’t do that much damage, it should be whoever does the least DPS in the party (but obviously still comfortable with the sword and able to survive).
  • To maximize your chance of breaking one wing before he even flies off for the first time, whoever used the sword to dispel the chest should continue attacking the chest with the sword so the first wing can be instantly dispelled once his chest is downed.
  • Assuming the first wing is downed before he flies off for the first time, the sword duty person must also hold onto the sword after dispelling the second wing when he perches back on the castle. After downing the second wing, the sword will be brought up to the next level to instantly dispel the head/knees/tail.
  • Any time he’s about to do the swipe, if you know you have aggro on the dragon, you can run off to the side of the map to avoid causing the dragon to swipe over your teammates.
  • Right before he’s about to swipe when the skies turn black/red, make sure you have the sword dropped in a location that’s not in flames. So when he’s about to crash down, the sword person should already have the sword in hand, and instantly dispel the blue shield on his head to stun him.

Notable Drops:

Both the MPA and 4-man version of the instance drops mostly the same pool of loot. This also the first UQ where we’ve seen a reliable amount of 14* weapons finally drop. In the MPA version the 14* weapon drops are Jild Girola (partisan), Dual Bird (TMG), Gear Experience (knuckles), Gilhess Weihen (jet boots). Additional all three Demonia weapons (sword, TMG, and talis) for Heroes also drop. Both instance will also drop 13* Val weapons, Jutus weapons, Ivlida weapons and Supernatural weapons. Val weapons are used to make Atlas 14* weapons. Jutus, Ivlida and Supernatural are used to make Lumiere 14* weapons. At a later late, the Atlas and Lumiere are used to make 15* Atlas Ex weapons.

For Summoners, the 13* Rappy Egg has been dropping with decent rates. This is the second time we got Rappy in UQ drops after Deus. The rest of the eggs are still 13* eggs we’ve already had in collection for months now.

In terms of augments, we now have Historia Soul which drops quite often and in weapons with high slots. Historia Soul can be used to make Alles/Acto/Tir/Magi the Soul when combined with a expedition boss soul. It can also be used to boost the transfer rates with normal reveries such as Luther or Gemini Reverie. It’s also used to make Omega Memoria along with Fabula Soul and Omega Reverie. Omega Memoria is then used to make Mana Reverie, the “whale” affix of EP5.

Val weapons also have a chance to drop with random S-Grade Augments (S1, S2, and S3) on them. I won’t go into the S-Grade Augments in too much detail on this post, but the database and loot table for them is available on the NA Visiphone.

After this UQ’s release, we should have 5 more big UQs remaining for EP5 that should see the release of more 14* and the remaining two other 15* weapons. Also, with the release of this UQ, other content such as Bewitched Forest and EP5 collection files, we’ll have a pretty reliable and easy way to farm our first 15* weapons that will be serviceable in content all the way to early EP6.

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