UQ: Crimson Fellwyrm Over the Castle

On the launch of EP5, we got our first UQ on the second week with the Crimson Fellwyrm (fan translated as Crimson Castle Crushers in JP). During my time playing PSO2 JP, I never really got to do this UQ when it was still in the schedule and only did it a few times after they cycled it out nearing the end of EP5. I’ll try my best to go into the details of this UQ and then provide some advice from my own runs on the 4-man party version.

Episode 1 ARKS Hour

Global PSO2 has started a livestream similar to JP’s PSO2 Station called ‘Arks Hour’. It was streamed on PSO2’s twitch channel on 9/29 from 2 pm to 3 pm PDT. The GMs and I guess community manager just talked about upcoming contents, campaigns, and scratches. So in this episode they featured the EP5 release. At the end we got an item code for some goodies in the game.