UQ: Imposing Iron Assault

As EP4 finally draws to a rapid close, we have our last UQ of EP4 as well: dubbed by many simply as the Yamato rematch. This UQ most features the same fight with the original Yamato but with Vegas mobs in the first part and a more aggressive and difficult AIS in the second part. This will be a relatively short post as I’ve already talked about Yamato in a post last month. In addition, like Deus, a 4-man party version of the AIS only fight is available after completing the initial UQ in the first 30 minute block.

Like before, this UQ is split into two parts: mob clearing up to the ship and AIS battle with the ship itself. Also like before, you can complete this quest twice in the 30-minute block (wow we haven’t had that in awhile).

Part 1:

The layout of the map is identical as before. You clear up to the ship but some mobs are replaced with Vegas mobs such as UFOs and Neon Signs. The only real big difference is after encountering Hagith at the bottom of the ship and destroying the first big blue ball, a second blue ball will spawn after awhile. Sometimes players don’t notice a second ball spawn and fail to destroy it which will cause massive damage to the MPA when it goes off. Also, on the deck of the ship, there are some Neon Sign mobs spread out between the turrets.

Part 2:

The AIS portion of Yamato have been changed quite a lot compared to the original. Right off the bat, he’ll fire off 4 missiles that needs to be destroyed. The missiles will wander off and then cause massive damage to the MPA if not destroyed. Unlike before, the deck of the ship is not protected by a shield at the start so you should destroy the 3x triple 45cm guns to prevent potential one-shots from its attack. Due to Yamato’s more aggressive nature, you can probably will have a hard time getting the AIS laser off later so feel free to use it right here behind the the guns to take them out. Focus on taking out the front and back cores on the deck after destroying the main guns. He’ll still teleport around every once in awhile which will cause some cores to temporarily disappear.

After both top cores are gone. You can now turn your attention to the side cores. Most MPAs probably won’t be able to destroy these before he goes into the center to do his torpedo mechanic. As before, when he goes into the middle, he’ll put up a shield and then spawn 8 torpedoes around the map that will eventually drop down to cause massive damage to the MPA. However, 8 more torpedoes will spawn after the first 8 spawns totally out to 16 that must be destroyed in a short period of time. After all the torpedoes are destroyed, he’ll be stunned and just laser the bridge to finish the fight.

For the 4-man party version, the AIS fight is identical except it’s cloudy and rainy instead of clear weather. You should have the Early Riser (L) ring to reduce the AIS respawn time to 1 second instead of 5. The bulk of the fight will pretty much play out the same except for the torpedo phase. Instead of 8+8 like the MPA version, another 4 more will spawn after the second set of 8 spawns bringing a total of 20 torpedoes. Unless your group is extremely well coordinated it’s better to just avoid the homing lasers from the ship and try to iframe the AOE when the torpedoes goes down. But for most groups, after the torpedo phase, Yamato will not be stunned and will still be very active in attacking you while you hit its bridge. If you can pull off your AIS laser on the bridge, this last bit will still be quite quick to finish.

Notable Drops:

Aside from your usual stash of 10* and 12* weapons, the 13* that drop here will be the old Yamato 13* weapons, Stelk weapons, Titan weapons, Form weapons (no scythe it seems), and Yasminokov 4000F. Nothing worth really mentioning here except maybe the rogue Yasminokov 4000F which gives the Modulator SAF. According to the item log over the course of the week, I have not seen a single 14* in the quest log which I recall dropping from the JP version of the UQ.

For the 4-man version, we have a new set of “earth” 13* weapons that drops exclusive from this UQ. The stats and potential on these weapons are not really that notable but the augment factor gives Might VI, Precision VI, and Casting IV. These are very good SAFs currently and are the only 13* that can give tier VI offensive stats. However, the loot pool also has the older Yamato weapons as well. The item log also shows no 14*s in loot table which matches JP’s original loot table.

For Summoners, both version will continue to drop 13* eggs that you most likely already have from the collection files so nothing notable here.

With EP4 finally drawing to a close and EP5 already announced, it seems like gear progression will quickly forget the painful fact that we will not be able to have more chances to farm for the EP4 14* weapons. With collection files and mission pass in EP5 that guarantees the 15* Atlas Ex in the near future, it seems like most players will probably be going down that route. I’ll be talking about EP5’s first UQ next week so please look forward to our first fantasy-esque battle with a huge dragon.

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