UQ: Deus Esca, Maker of New Epochs

Once again we have another 2 part UQ with the recent release of Deus, one of the biggest UQs of EP4. Back in its time and even now, this was heralded as one of the coolest boss fights of PSO2. Compared to all previous UQs, this is probably the lengthiest so far. In this post I’ll talk about the 12-man MPA version and the 4-man party version after.

The MPA UQ is split into 3 parts and revolves around the player confronting Deus and chasing him up Yggdrasil and eventually fighting the an ultimate version of him. The 3 parts are split up as fighting Deus Hyunas, Deus Anges, and finally the big bad, Deus Esca Zefirot.

Part 1:

After spawning in, you’ll be fighting the first form: Deus Hyunas. With our still overpowered Nemesis and Slave, there isn’t too many mechanics he’ll be doing compared to his Extreme Quest appearance (which you’ll have to solo). After he dashes and slashes a bit, he’ll usually do 3 AOE circles in quick succession around himself. Immediately after, he’ll target individual players with a delayed lightning pillar attack that stuns you. If you get hit, you’ll most likely be stun-locked by following hits and get hit by revolving floor spikes that projects out from him, that will inflict heavy damage. He’ll usually be defeated after using that skill.

The next part requires you to run up the tree to chase after the escaping Deus. At first, you’ll be fighting waves of the angel themed mobs from EP4 then you’ll take dash rings while avoiding ground spikes all the way to the next map.

Part 2:

After climbing up the World Tree, Deus will turn into a slightly beefier version of his first form: Deus Anges. He’ll mostly do the same thing he did in the first phase but will teleport away from the players after sustaining enough damage to do two waves of ground spikes that rushes towards the players from a random end of the platform. These spikes can be iframed or simply fully avoided by moving to the area of the platform that’s not flashing with vines. After, he’ll teleport back to the platform. Deplete his HP to move to the next part.

Part 3:

This is the big boy part of the boss fight where Deus will fall into the well on the top of Yggdrasil and turn into a colossus mounting a giant sword and having multiple dragons as “roots”. This last part fighting Deus Esca Zefirot is the bulk of the UQ and can be split into 4 phases.

During the first phase, you’ll be fighting 3 dragon heads which will flail and coil around to attack you. After dealing enough damage, the dragon head will be covered with vines. Once all heads are down, the vines disappear and a bright ball becomes target-able in each dragon’s mouth and they become stationary. Break these balls to stun Deus then climb up one of the dragons to reach his main core for some free damage. After enough DPS, he’ll teleport all players back to platform and move to the next phase.

The second phase starts when he slices down on the middle of the platform. Make sure you’re not standing in the middle as it’ll do very heavy damage. The MPA will be split into Left and Right sides of the map depending on where you are positioned. Both will need to redo everything in the first phase but with 4 dragon heads on each side. Deus himself will occasionally swing his sword horizontally across the platforms, doing his zigzag slash, as well as sending out pillars of white lightning. Defeating each set of dragon heads will allow you to once again go up to DPS his core. If one side is faster than the other, players will be teleported to the other side after they’re done hitting the core. Once both parties have finished, the next phase will start.

During the third phase, the two sides will be combined again. You’ll be fighting Deus’s torso now. He pretty much does the same thing he does in second phase in addition to sliding across the edge to send out fire balls on the outer rim of the platform and then sliding back while sending out lightning pillars from the inside rim. Additionally, he’ll wave his sword and send out little bolts that spawn from behind him and hone in on players in the MPA. DPS his chest core to move into the final phase.

In the cutscene into the last phase, Deus blows up the moon. This phase is timed to 5 minutes I believe. 6 dragon heads will spawn at the start and 3 on each side will drill down somewhere random on the platform, dealing heavy damage. After you kill the heads, they’ll fall and disappear for the last time. Once the heads are down, Deus’ Torso will come to the side of the platform again doing the exact same thing he did in the last phase. Continue to hit his chest core to finish the UQ.

For the 4-man party version, you’ll only be doing the final form of Deus. Instead of being called Zefirot, he’s called Deus Esca Gracia: donning a golden makeover compared to his normal silvery appearance. In terms of mechanics, the fight is identical and there’s really nothing much to add. Of course, having a Ranger’s Blight Rounds or Techer’s buffs will be very useful. During the phase where he splits the platform, it’s helpful to decide who will go left and who will go right depending on your team comp, or you can all go to one side. And finally, since this part only allows for 5 total deaths, if you are unable to dodge certain mechanics, having the Guts drink will increase your chances of survival.

Notable Drops:

Both MPA Deus and 4-man Deus will drop the usual medium stash of 10* with scarce 12* here and there. The MPA version will drop the 14*s. The three that will drop are Cuvele Scarlet, Lavis Cannon, and Rykros Staff. Both the Wand and the Harmonizer are pretty important for Techers and Summoners but due to its slim drop rate, we probably won’t be able to reliably obtain it until they release the crests to trade for them. The quest log shows no 14* drops for the 4-man version. I’m not sure if they are following the JP version (which had no 14*) or just small sample size/low drop rate. For Summoners, both versions will drop 13* Rappy egg. This will be the only place to get the Rappy besides ARKs Rappy during PSO2 Day as of now.

The MPA version will drop all of the Zeinesis weapons and units while the 4-man version will drop the Clifard weapons and units. Both will drop Clifard Fuses which will be used to upgrade all the Zeinesis into Clifard. In most cases you’ll want the Clifard weapons which will double all stats augmented on it with its potential. However, due keep in mind the Zeinesis potential will allow for a free 10% boost in augmenting. Ideally you’ll want to augment your Zeinesis and then upgrade it into Clifard. In terms of units, Clifard gives a lot more PP while Zeinesis gives HP. In most cases, the Clifard units will be more useful than Zeinesis.

With augments, we finally get Deus Factor which is of course equivalent to Yamato and Mother Factor except a +10 attack to MEL. Save for weapon and units as I have discussed in the previous UQ posts.

With the release of Deus, we’re fast approaching the end of EP4. The only remaining big UQ should be the Yamato rematch, which should in theory drop all the EP4 14*s. Again, don’t be too stressed out if you don’t get one as they will be fairly easy to get in the future. Additionally, with the exception of a few, most of them will be quickly outclassed by EP5 gear.

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