UQ: Barren Blossom, Corruptor of All

In the middle of EP4, we have our first revisted UQ: The Profound Darkness, buffed up from the original EP3 version. Along with its MPA version, we also have our first solo UQ as well, dubbed Barren Blossom, Butcher of Light. We can definitely see Sega picking up it’s pace through EP4 by squeezing multiple boss EQs within one maintenance cycle. Most information I will talk about will be applicable to both the MPA and the solo version unless otherwise specified.

As the fight is nearly identical to its EP3 counterpart, the UQ is split into two parts: Dark Falz Gemini and the Profound Darkness itself. Additionally, the MPA and solo version are both meant to be completed within the 30-minute UQ block.

Part 1:

The first boss is Dark Falz Gemini’s creepy and monstrous castle form. The fight is pretty straight forward: break all the cores on six towers and wack its “tongue”. After breaking every core on two towers at a time, Gemini will be stunned on the ground with it’s tongue core exposed. Repeating this three times will cause his tongue core to be constantly out until he is defeated. In the MPA version, there isn’t really anything to talk about as the fight is still pretty easy. He’ll still be doing a myriad of different mechanics between each downed phase such as spinning around, sending cars out at everyone, firing lasers in a line and sending castle walls in a line. Of course, after the first four cores are destroyed, he’ll be doing his airplane attack (no longer in a perfect cross pattern).

The only real threat in this fight is during the solo version when Gemini spews out cars that homes in on you and will stagger you continuously once hit once and then leave a pool that causes panic. This is especially dangerous in two scenarios: 1) When the second set of tower cores are about to be destroyed, it’ll usually be doing this mechanic so it may be stunned when the cars are pursuing you, leaving you unable to DPS a downed tongue. 2) After it sticks its tongue out again after all six tower cores are destroyed, it’ll immediately send out cars and then proceed to fly around 4 times. If you get stunned/panic’d during this phase and unable to iframe the airplane, your chance of survival will be very grim.

Additionally, in the event, you are unable to kill Gemini when it does its second set of airplane mechanic, it’ll do a spinning castle wall mechanic where the body will spin with damaging walls in a circle. You’ll have to use your most mobile PAs and techs to spin with the core to avoid damage, or dodge through the walls, and still be hitting the tongue core. Once you defeat Gemini, you’ll be cutscene’d into the next part of the UQ with PD.

Part 2:

Again, like before, PD doesn’t really do anything new except being buffed up and being a bit more aggressive with its attack patterns. The fight is still roughly 3 phases: break its parts to expose torso, smack its face, Persona, and break its face.

During the first phase, it’ll fly around the ship attacking you with its parts. As you deal more damage, it’ll use more and more parts to attack you at once. Breaking its parts will cause it to do less damage and breaking it’s bits will expose it’s huge core at you for free damage. Occasionally, it’ll fly around and swipe its huge “tail” blade at you (sometimes multiple times in a row upgraded from to old version), toss rocks, zoom by, and jabbing onto the platform. After dealing enough damage, certain parts will have weapon resistance similar to Anga (Xiao will notify you when this happens). Obviously, avoid hitting the specific part that resists your main weapon. After you deal enough damage, it’ll exposes its torso into the next phase.

The torso phase is pretty straightforward as well. Once you break all the bits, it’ll expose a big chest eye that’ll need to break to stun him (old PD did not have eye). Make sure to avoid its hand slams and suction floor beam attack during this phase. Once it’s stunned, its head will fall onto the platform giving you the chance to use all your nuke skills. If you are unable to push it to the next phase, you’ll have to redo all the previous mechanics to stun it again.

The Persona phase is fairly straightforward in the MPA version since everyone in the MPA contributes damage to it even though it appears to be a solo fight. However, in the true solo version, you’ll need to use mobile skills to deal damage to it while avoiding its Over End sword attack, balls, and ground beams. The game will let you know when you are running out of time by making the screen darker and more hazy. If you are unable to kill it in time, it’ll trigger a one shot mechanic that does over 1 million damage. It might be able to be iframed, but I’m not entirely sure. If you are not confident in completing the Persona phase, you can consider saving your nukes for Persona and do the previous phase twice instead.

Once you finish Persona, you’ll be be fighting the torso of PD again this time with an eye exposed on its face. The eye will start to beam after a short delay. Destroy the eye before he beams if you can and just whale on its stunned face until it dies. This part should be fairly quick and easy as it is already very low on HP.

Notable Drops:

As we have already seen before, PD will drop a hefty chunk of 10* and 12*s for those delicious excubes and lambda grinders. In addition both will drop Ray 13* weapons at a fairly low rate mixed in with some useless Revolsio. The solo version can also drop Union weapons but it doesn’t seem like the MPA version does. However, according to Sega’s original announcement post, it seems the MPA version can also drop 14* Spread Needle and Eternal Psycho Drive (no mention of Kazami no tachi though). Since the 14* drop is still quite abysmal, we have no idea if the solo version can drop any 14*. I assume the completion rate for the solo is considerably lower than the MPA version thus resulting in a even smaller sample size. As far as summoners go, this is once again not a very useful UQ as it sparsely drops eggs and the only 13* eggs are still available in the collection files. The solo version also guarantees Union Boosters which are required for upgrading Ray gear into Union gear. You can get 2 Union Boosters per run if you complete it within 12 minutes, earning you an S-Rank.

In terms of units, both version can drop the 12* “Austere” units (horribly translated as Ofzeterious, Ofzende, and Ofzetrogie) which are marginally better than union units but rely on the important set bonus between the back and the arm. While it is now better than Union units and can be upgraded into 13* in EP6, it may not be the best choice in EP5 due to the release of Rappy Shine (+777 HP) as well as the Bode units. If you want to opt out of Rappy Shine in EP5, you can consider affixing these new units.

Nothing really new to talk about in terms of augments since the only important augment here is Darkness Soul which is useless for weapons since Astral Souls are affixed via Augment Factors(Ray weapon). As usual, save for units if you plan to tackle Astral Soul on there.

We’ll be getting Deus ESCA later this week so we’ll be having a very crowded boss UQ schedule with Mother, PDs, and Deus. Good luck with all your gear and augment grinds and hopefully we’ll be seeing more 14*s soon!

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