Flowering Spring

When you’re playing PSO2, it can be Spring all year round if you’re in the right place. Aki and I have decided to do beautiful Japanese Spring themed outfits with the abundance of relevant costume options we’ve gotten in the game recently. I personally got inspired by the Maidenly Ogre Hair, so let’s get right into it!

I decided to do a more shrine maiden-like outfit with the signature colors of red and white while Aki went with a more casual outfit. Both of our main costumes came from the Shining Heroes AC Scratch. Aki is donning the the Yukihime Replica while I’m wearing the Kirika Replica: Ruby.

My choice of accessories included bigger, grander pieces like the Rakshasa Ornamental Horn and Simple Ribbon (how ironic). If I’m going to go big with the hair, everything has got to match up! Aki accessorized their outfit with the Cafuu Ribbon and a cute butterfly in their hair.

We got some cute shots in the cherry blossom alliance quarters. Drawing in the sand, reading, just a carefree Spring day while enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms. There has been a lot of Japanese themed costumes being released, so we’d like to see more different collaborations to change things up! I’ll still be using my poofy hair though.. (;

Here’s one last closer look at our outfits (without any clipping of stuff). Hope you guys liked this little photoshoot! Looking forward to more themes in the future. (:

Love, Ciki

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