Ciki’s Spotlights: Sweet Youth

Hi everyone! This week I’m featuring something more anime-esque because of the huge flow of schoolgirl outfits. Yes, yes, more modern outfits because of EP4, but I confess that I quite love a modern look while playing PSO2… They’re just so cute! She’s your typical klutz and it just seems everything is against her.

No rappy cake?! Of course Franca’s Cafe would be a hang out spot before class… it’s the only cafe. To be honest, most of the modern day outfits are very simply designed, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be suuuper cute! Basic me chose to do a black school outfit: Celestia Uniform F and paired it with Marie’s Shoulder Bag. I could have paired it with a red version of the bag, but I thought it was a bit too bright of a red (too stingy to change it).

Here’s a different version of her hair and accessories. I quite like the Long Side Ponytail with the outfit as it’s a more cutesy and playful look.

Okay, this scene was fun to do. Of course she’s going to be late, right?! Feel free to click to see all the details. Her face is.. blank because PSO2’s expressions aren’t too great. Maybe next time I’ll fiddle with it more to bring better screenshots. (:

Obligatory cute poses here! Oh! I used Mitsuru Kirijo Ribbon for the outfit. It matches quite well with the Celestia and is easy to adjust with sliders for any outfit. I tried using the Cafe Chef Scarf(below) as well and is also cute if you want a larger red piece to compliment the basewear.

That’s it for now! Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s spotlight. Promise I’ll try to do something not modern next week! Thanks for tuning in!

Love, Ciki

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