UQ: The Lunar Phantasm Matriarch

The second EP4 boss UQ is here this week. We went from the coast of Japan straight up into the moon to engage Esca Falz Mother. I cannot stress the amount of headache the clunky ridroid portion of this UQ has caused me in the past but after a few more runs here on NA, it didn’t feel too difficult.

Once again the UQ is split into two parts: the ridroid chase of Mother on the lunar surface (and tunnels) and the boss fight itself. Both are meant to be completed within the 30-minute UQ time block.

Part 1:

The first part of the UQ is the more difficult part. You’ll have to chase Mother as she flees on the surface of the moon with ridroids. The ridroids work the same way as they do in Vegas with the exception of binding you to move forward on specific tract and giving you 3 more skills. During the chase, you’ll want to break her 4 floating balls with your auto cannon (should fire automatically as long as you aren’t too far and aimed on her), spin attack for close range, and homing missiles for long range.

While doing this, you’ll also want to be dodging the terrain obstacles as well as the balls, laser grids, and panels Mother leaves behind. Each time after you break her 4 balls, she’ll be stunned and her core will be exposed and you should spam the spin attack on it. As she loses more HP, the obstacles will become more dense and more difficult to dodge. Repeat this over and over and you’ll eventually be cutscene’d into the next part of the fight.

Part 2:

This part of the fight is your cookie-cutter boss UQ where you just “tank and spank”. The part can be broken up into 2 phases: break her arms, then break her chest core.

During the first phase, she’ll initially send out 2 arms to fight you while she glides around the edge of the map. The arms will do a myriad of things such as physically meleeing you, punching into the ground and causing AOE waves, summoning Gemini’s toy cars, bombs, and etc. After breaking both arms, Mother will be stunned and her core will be exposed on her chest. Dealing enough damage to the core will cause her to summon 4 arms to fight you (one representing each Falz). The hands will do the same things and Mother herself will send out laser grids and panels as you as well while she glides around the border of the map.

Eventually, two of the arms will fuse and do either one of two special heavy hitting mechanics: 1) An arm will smash into the middle stunning everyone in range and then exploding damage outwards while another harm will fire a wide laser through the middle. 2) An arm will pull everyone into the middle and put up Gemini’s castle gates (with one opening) that encircles the players, and the other arm will summon swords to fall into the middle shortly after. Break all 4 arms to stun her again and hit her core. Please keep in mind since we are still generally over geared for this content, you may encounter different mechanics every time.

Once she’s at around 40% HP, she’ll teleport to the middle of the map and summon a bunch of cubes that will start moving towards the middle. Destroy the cubes before they reach the middle to avoid a potential one-shot mechanic. After this, half her body will sink into the map and she will glide around the map swinging her arms at you and doing some of the previous field mechanics as well. Continue to attack her core until she does the cube phase again (around 10% HP). Destroy all the cubes before they reach the middle once again to stun her. Whale on her core or face to finish her off.

Notable Drops:

She drops a mediocre stash of 10* for excubes compared to other UQs and almost no eggs. She also drops the Astral weapon series which is ahead of Yamato’s 13* but still miles behind the current Gix, Nemesis, and Slave. It’s augment factor is Phrase Response which increases PP recovery by 5% from attacks. This is not useful enough in most if not all cases to occupy an augment slot. Additionally, Astra units also drop with fairly low rates but due to how easy it is to get Ray units, it’s essentially useless for new players. For summoners, the 13* Redran will drop but very much like Yamato, 13* pet drops are rendered useless with their release in the collection file.

The loot table appears to be similar to JP but unfortunately, due to the low sample size, we’ve only observed a few sparse 14* drops such as the Kazami no Tachi and Spread Needle. In theory, the Eternal Psycho Drive should drop as well but I have not seen it in the item logs. All these weapons are decent 14*s or if not for your class, the augment factor is Mastery IV which is not bad for an extra free augment. Keep in mind that while these are 14*s, they are not too big of an upgrade from our current Nemesis and Slave, so don’t feel too bummed that you aren’t getting it.

Mother factor is also now available as an augment. It is identical to Yamato factor but focus on TEC attack instead of RNG. Again, not that useful on weapons but decent for a dedicated TEC focused set of units. And once again, it is still useful if you want to save up for ether factor later.

Even though most drops won’t be reliable for decent gear progression, I’m glad Sega is releasing these EP4 UQs rather quickly so we can push through to catch up on content faster. I just wish they would increase the drop rate of the 14* instead of keeping them relatively the same as JP since most of these 14*s will be quickly outdated.

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