UQ: The Dignity of Steel Unleashed

Episode 4 is upon us and after a small delay, we have our first major UQ of EP4: Phantasm Yamato. When I played JP, I’ve actually never done the OG version of Yamato and only done the revised stronger version that was released at the end of EP4 (fan translated as “Quintessence of Steel”). Without further adieu, lets jump right into it.

The UQ is split into two parts (like Profound Darkness): the mob clearing path up to the boat and the AIS ship fight itself. Both are meant to be completed within the 30-minute UQ time block.

Part 1:

The first part of the UQ is pretty simple. All you do is run around up some ice sheets towards Yamato and kill a bunch of Tokyo mobs along the way. The phantasm Hagith will spawn 3 times and constantly annoy you. There’s really nothing much to talk about here. This phase will end once you go up to Yamato and destroy all the turrets on the bow. As this is a 2 part UQ, there will be no drops here (similar to PD) and you will be immediately ported to the next part.

Part 2:

This part is entirely an AIS battle so like Magatsu, gear won’t matter. This battle can be broken down into 3 phases: break hull weak points, break deck weak points, break bridge.

At the very start, you’ll need to dash up to Yamato and avoid his spinning “satellite” he spawns below him. He’ll have two ESC-A weak points that glow blue on the starboard and port side of the hull. Once you break one, he’ll dive into the ocean and surface on the far side of the map and fire some balls and laser at you.

Once you break the second hull weak point, he’ll dive and surface far again. But now, the barrier to the deck part of the ship will be down and you begin the next phase by breaking the two weak points on the bow and stern of the ship. The 3x triple 46 cm guns will be doing a lot of damage to you so you should freeze them (#2 AIS skill) and destroy them as well. Like the first phase, he’ll dive and surface after either one of the weak points is destroyed.

After you do enough damage to the parts on the deck of the ship, he’ll dive and surface again and spawn in the middle. At this last stage, he’ll be invulnerable to attacks and spawn 8 floating torpedoes around him high in the sky that will linger before they fall into the ocean. You and your MPA will need to take these out with melee attacks as ranged will only do 1 damage. You’ll also need to be constantly moving here as Yamato will be firing out tracking lasers on all players at random. Failure to break all the torpedoes in time will cause a map wide one-shot mechanic to everyone (can be iframed with AIS’s dodge). After all the torpedoes are broken, his barrier will be down and the bridge will be vulnerable to attacks. Laser it with your AIS and Yamato should be down.

Notable Drops:

Most of the drops consist of 10* weapons for EX-Cubes and rarely 12*. The only set of 13* weapons that drop all have very mediocre stats and potentials compared to the still overpowered Nemesis and Slave. Their augment factors is a single level V stat (Power V, Precision V, Casting V, Stamina V, or Spirit V) which in some cases, may be useful. The only 13* pet that drops is Viola, which is made utterly meaningless as all 13* versions of pets are in the collection file now. However, support rolls do drop with a decent rate. The MPA does drop a good amount of eggs for Summoners who still need to raise their pet’s bonus stats.

Yamato factor augment is also now available as well in drops. It’s a decent augment for ranged weapons now but will be rendered quite useless when EP5’s SSAs come out. On units they are still good if you’re looking to build a pure ranged unit set. Of course for both weapons and units, they are still useful for building the tedious ether factor.

Yamato will be around for another week and may still linger on even after the next maintenance but the lackluster drops makes it irrelevant for meaningful gear progression. It is still a fun UQ for people who enjoy AIS combat! It’s also fast and easy so it’s not a waste of time. Hopefully, when ESC-A Falz Mother comes out next week, we’ll finally see some more 14* drops. But until then, enjoy our first EP4 boss UQ.

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